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  1. If my dick ain’t going in anyone else, yes. But I don’t do it often, it’s only those rare occasions when gf is on holiday with fam and I really got the urge

  2. Doesn’t make sense why you would associate yourself with people who are associated in such hate groups, such as the one you mentioned. Well, good luck to you. Just avoid people who are toxic from the beginning next time.

  3. When people demand you be honest then get angry when you’re honest… I live for those moments.

  4. Damn. You’re on point. I’m kinda stuck with this question lmfao idk what to do now, really

  5. Tell the truth then run for cover 🤣

  6. Take your time. First dates are introductions and a bit awkward sometimes, second dates are less pressure.. but you’ll also find out whether this person is for you or not. 2nd dates are like confirmation. Weigh the pros and cons and then if it’s not for you, find another date! No pressure.

  7. I fucked a girl in my college only to find out she’s my third cousin twice removed. Ok bye

  8. Very disingenuous.. especially sending this at 1 am in the morning. Fuck that. “Thanks for helping me” but no mention of you. Tell them to fu k off

  9. That's like a super popular opinion. An actual unpopular opinion is that I like the gameplay of the new trilogy more than the classic games even though I agree the story is much weaker than the Altair and Ezio Trilogy.

  10. Oh. Lmao I thought I was gonna get roasted for saying this. Yeah the ezio storyline was much better. I just recently played and beat ac Valhalla and it was hot garbage

  11. I like the combat and open world better in Valhalla and Odyssey than in the Ezio games though.

  12. Yes I agree. The open world is cool in Valhalla and odyssey because the maps are fucking huge and the exploration is legit. But then I feel like Ubisoft fell short with the storyline. It could have been so fucking amazing but all the shit I was doing felt like a waste of time in the very end.. It started fucking strong.. but could not match the greats. The stealth in Valhalla was a joke lmfao. But yeah.. even Black flag’s storyline was legit and the gameplay was fucking coolz

  13. Honesty is still the best policy. Say that it was nice but don’t see it going anywhere. Good luck !


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