AITA for throwing them out of a house that we own. Son and future In-Laws decide to exclude his family from wedding. They thought son owned the house not us.

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  1. Condemn me to hell, whatever, but Brittany is hideous…I couldn’t marry that ugly woman…

  2. Omg I thought the same thing!! She is the most sickening Lookn mf I’ve ever seen in my life. So gross. And controlling. 🤢 🤮

  3. Am I the only person who thought it was really weird that Sarah was sitting in the front seat on the ride home? I have three children and sat in the back with every single one because it’s their first time in a car seat and so many things can go wrong. She looked all messed up I’m sure from the pain medication they give you after C-sections so maybe that had something to do with it but Sean was even worried about the babies head being sideways and she couldnt have cared less. I don’t know I just cannot stand her because I think that she is extremely jealous and the fact that Sean is not allowed to talk to Kelly when he has 1000 kids with her just blows my mind you should never come down that type of behavior from a man you should always want them to be as close to their children as possible in the fact that she wants the opposite is a huge red flag and what in the F is wrong with her mom with her nasty looking face.

  4. Omg I literally say the same exact thing. Normally I am the opposite but this soft pussy ass punk ass hoe Chazz makes me fkn sick. Everything about him is gross to me. Everything. Sick single thing about him from his soft little boy voice to his immaturity and how he kept throwing himself on her when she didn’t know him she wanted to get to know him but he just thinks she gonna sleep with his ugly ass from the jump ?? hell naw. He is so sick. Truly he is. I hope he gets what he’s looking for. Any man married 5 times or whatever it was is at his age should have been a huge red flag. He needs to take a bunch of testosterone bc at this point any woman on earth is more masculine that this little bitch. He’s also gay. He has to be.

  5. I’ve been watching this show since the first season. This punk ass pussy boy is the softest little boy I e ever seen. I’m a girl and I could #1 woop him and 2 I have more masculinity than dude. I mean he is seriously the lamest little pussy punk I’ve ever seen. Not only on this show but ever. I have no clue how he ever expected to get anywhere with someone like Branwin. She is hard and has had a rough life and she as NOT wanting a softy when she got out. He needs to go to Bingo in his lil Kentucky town and find someone his own age or someone he’s not going to be a crying little bitch about bc they a K ren’t giving him enough attention. When I see this mfs face I get enraged and want to knock his teeth out. He makes me sick he only cared about being sexual with B. I’m so glad she’s done with him. When she watches this back she will realize that he is creepy and pushed himself onto her. He should have never kept Pushing for sex like he was. She doesn’t like soft pussy. I’m just so happy she fucked him over and normally I would never say something like this but I cannot stand this punk. The facial movements and the things he whines about makes me ill. I know I can’t be alone with thinking this.

  6. The show is already bumming me out without my guy. Tony is as loud and obnoxious as ever. All he does is scream over everyone, cut everyone off and interrupt like a child. And then gets so worked up about everything so he gets out of breath and you can hear him pig 🐷 breathing in the fkn mic. Like bro settle tf down. Also I really wish someone would tell him how obvious it is that he is so jealous of Moon it’s pathetic and very idiotic to hear. Every and anything Moon says Tony is nearly having a mental breakdown comparing his situation or his life or tearing Moon down like listen you fkn giant, loud mouth moron…. You are awful and you have GOT to stop before the entire stl can’t stand you. I do not know anyone, not any coworkers, not family or friends of mine (who all listen) not one of them likes Tony. We cannot be the only ones.

  7. Omg his voice and the baby talk he does with her is so gross. He is way too feminine for this girl. She likes men. And he is really tiny and insecure which is a gigantic turn off. It’s never gonna work.

  8. It's so hard to watch! Did you see her crying? Clearly she is having anxiety cause she knows there is zero chemistry there. Just a whole bunch of cringeworthy 'I love you's (in baby voices, of course)

  9. Omg I know. There is not a woman on the planet… who I know… that would even sleep with him for money. He is like a woman and is so feminine he’s never actually had anyone who likes him for him. He’s so gross and creepy. I honestly can’t handle how disgusting he is

  10. "When she’s gone he will not be able to live." I hope you're right.

  11. I have a big glass bowl that has no filter next to my tank. I throw extra plants, plants overgrown with snail eggs all over them, and just whatever in there and I pour out the water every once in a while. When I look close and zoom in I see many seedshrimp which I am good with but are these tiny things baby detritus worms? Or what are they? They are EVERYWHERE but not in my fish tanks. Only the big glass with the plants. Thx in advance!!!

  12. Yes we need an update. What kind of family just meets the son in law and the next week moves their family into his home. Ever tho it wasn’t his home … but I don’t get it. So they were homeless before finding the son in law? But you guys weren’t good enough? Lemme guess they refused to pay for the wedding and bc you guys didn’t pay for it all you were disinvited?

  13. Fuck no! You are not the AH WHATSOEVER. WHO THE FUCK ARE THESE SICKENING FREAKS WHO JUDGED YOU AND FAMILY AND SAID YOU COULDNT ATTEND A WEDDING? Number one they do not care about your son whatsoever and if they did it wouldn’t matter what your family looked like or acted like family would it be included at the wedding. Could you give us some background of why they out of nowhere said you were not good enough and what makes them good enough? Are they like queens of England and you guys maybe had like T-shirt and jeans on or some thing I just don’t understand. PS even if that was the case I still do not agree with them in the least. I would have never left the house to begin with even if my family were upset I would’ve kicked their punk asses out day one of meeting them so no you are not the asshole you went about it in the most lawful and respectful way possible I would just never talk to your limp dick no backbone of a son since he is willing to turn his back on you after you paid for a home for him when he obviously was too immature to have his own home he counted on you you bought the home for him he wasn’t even making rent payments And had this little of respect for you he should be ashamed of himself I would drop him and never speak to his punk ass ever again how disgusting is he?!

  14. 100% what I thought. I couldn’t stand Laila then season two comes and Emily showed her ass like a little girl. So she doesn’t work, doesn’t want to but if she were working she needs dude to pay rent and asked for the ring but won’t spend a dime. Instead of working past issues she flat out felt that she was owed everything from Shekeb instead of being a mature woman. She’s a little girl and shekeb. … don’t get me started. He is a clown in every sense. He can’t even trim his own nails? He makes me want to throw up for real.

  15. My hairdresser used to say that some women can be carbon-dated by their hairstyle - you can always guess when they graduated high school because their look hasn't changed since then. I think Liz falls under this rule.

  16. She prob thinks “Michael” loves her hair and he’s the only man she is in love with. She wants to be with him. She doesn’t like Steph bc she is psychotically jealous of her and that she gets to see his nuts. She’s fkn sick y’all

  17. She is so disgusting looking to me. Her nasty fkn hair do. She looks like a clown. She is truly gross inside and out

  18. I liked how he cried I don’t feel safe in his own place. What a millennial.

  19. I have a hard time believing that he’s actually a straight male. So perhaps he’s battling with that

  20. Yes this is what I’ve been saying since day 1. He is not straight. And if he is , his mommy is the only woman he is in love with. It’s the creepiest thing to watch.

  21. Stop comparing yourself to other women.

  22. Yaaaasssssss …. PREACH HONEY PREACH IT. Jealousy is worse to me than getting sucker punched. Seriously when guys have been jealous in the past when they have zero reason to be, it’s never lasted. Ewww I cannot stand jealousy It’s such a weak image and the biggest turn off in the world. I don’t know how anyone could ever be happy living a life with a jealous partner. It’s never going to work if you don’t treat your person w/ respect by trusting in them especially if they’ve never given you a reason to doubt. MIf it’s just bc you’re afraid he’s going to look at or talk to or flirt with another lady then you need to evaluate yourself your confidence and start over love.

  23. Every now and then my wife will wear knee high socks and a thong (or boy shorts 😍) to bed. And then she’s just standing there brushing her teeth getting ready for bed like it’s nothing. The audacity 😂

  24. Well sir that’s only bc she wants som’n som’n. Or just trying to be cute for her man. I know my huzben 😉 immediately grabs me throws me on the bed and says you know what time it is ….as he is undoin his pants. 😋 🤤 🫠

  25. He thinks she’s hot but there is nothing to her. She is not successful she has nothing she won’t work. She’s a terrible woman to chose to marry!!

  26. I couldn’t agree more. She is just immature and she’s craving attention from men. All she does is talk about how men love her and think she’s so beautiful but she’s smart also. Funny thing is, she is incredibly unreliable and literally didn’t have a job and came into this with a lot of financial issues. So to me she was possibly looking for someone to move in with and take care of her and pay her debt. I mean she said she was fkn homeless and couch surfing. What kind of grown man who had his shit together wants to take on a childlike little girl who can’t even keep a job or pay a bill. No thanks. She is so gross to me.

  27. She keeps victimizing herself all the time and thinks she's truly better than everybody else on the show. In reality, she has the most wrinkles out of all of them. I didn't like her from the start cuz all she did was cry all the time about how she was poor. Yes, it's good to look at where you've come from, but when she attacked Davina about her choice to go to Burning Man, it was very telling of Chrishell's personality and how she thinks so much of herself.

  28. Exactly. And I was always taught that when you help someone or donate, or stop the car to hand a homeless person money... That you use integrity by NOT PUBLICALLY EXPOSING WHAT YOU DID otherwise its self righteous and its not even really about what you did but how you need attention and a pat on the back. She is a terrible person. Saying Christine tried ruining her life bc she spoke up and Confronted her. Now suddenly she's fkn tough bc she has people backing her. I would knock her the fuck out and break her nose 👃if she did that shit to me.... cannot stand her

  29. what makes you think she’s not actually homeless... also i don’t see how she was gaslighting the whole “two-faced” situation because she was genuinely blindsided

  30. Well not admitting to trying to be a people pleaser always makes you look weak as fuck and people who can't peak up for something they once said are seriously fucking limp dick noodles. It's gross. If you think something who the fuck cares what ineone else thinks if you think it and say it why are people scared to give their opinion? It's weak. Period

  31. Yep. You are 100% right. I love how the people who speak their mind and are Real are mean and get talked about but chrishell is a people pleaser and doesn't do anything she really wants to and only agrees with whoever is in front of her at the time. She's fake and so dumb she should have apologized. But also in S2 I hope Christine saw that the word overlap wasn't used. Mary said dude was dating someone else when Christine met him. That's not saying anything bad. He could have broken up with her and got with Christine. But chrishells dumb fkn fake 2faced ass says oh that makes me nervous bc if you cheat for her hell cheat on you. Um bitch who said anything about cheating? Then fkn chrishell gets away with it AGAIN AND MARY IS THE BAD ONE. Chrishell needs to get the fuck off this show like now.

  32. All I want to know is what size pencil ✏ his d is. Like a half used pencil? A whole one... I mean... The way he lucked the wine 🍷... A 16 yr old probably drinks the wine and acts better than this fool at a winery. So disgusting 🤢 🤮 and embarrassing to watch. His parents need to answer my question tho bc they are the only ones on earth who has seen his junk. For sure. He Def still takes baths and has his mom put diaper ointment on his ass.. Fkn creepy little boy is what he is. I'll be back.... Going to throw up bc he makes me ill 🤒

  33. Bc he's a little boy and he is into little boys. He's the creepiest fkn sicko I've ever seen. Something is truly wrong with this dude. Licking wine 🍷 and then smirking all the time when he's telling someone he "loves " something hurtful. He's playing games. Things Steven does..... Never seen a vagina in his life, picks his nose and eats his boogers, lets people ski off of his nose for money, Jack's off to anyone who flirts with him or messages him showing attention male or female, is a snowflake, doesn't work, manipulates Alina and thinks he's pulling a fast one on her mom. This homeboy needs all of his teeth knocked out and needs to stay tf out of America bc we do not Want this fkn creepy punk ugly ass dude. Kick rocks Stephen you sickening ugly virgin lying creep 🤥 👊 bye ✌️

  34. Olivia needs to grow up and get over it! She can't ignore his parents forever- unless it ends in divorce- but I don't think either of them want that. And yes, I agree, Ethan is whipped. He needs to learn to think for himself and not what his wife thinks. Olivia is being a controlling bitch. It's her way or the highway.

  35. And it's so sad bc Ethan doesn't even recognize the selfishness and manipulation. He's trying to be a good man. He deserves a real woman and he shouldn't have married her the second he saw that the dumb bitch didn't respect his parents regardless of their mental status you still respect them bc of your husband. She made him lose the relationship with his family bc she wanted to control the situation. Then she cries oh help me I can't be around them without having severe panic... My mf ass you clown. Bye 👋🏼 she needs to get the FK out of their lives and let he and his family heal an dlwt him find a real woman who he deserves. Not a little girl playing games. Shes so gross. I can hardly watch it tbh.

  36. I agree! The parents are different and chose the life they thought was best for their children. They aren’t abusive. They may have said things that offended Olivia but that just means they need to have conversations! Olivia is the biggest problem in this family! IMO 🤷🏻‍♀️

  37. I agree with you guys a million % I could see season one she was a terrible problem trying to purposely piss off the parents to go against them. She was jealous of her husbands family from jump street and literally Kim was the only person in that family who stood up to the ugly little bitch. She's a clown and needs to go somewhere else her entire goal was to make drama for the concert not about being there to help moriah. Olivia is a nasty disgusting selfish bitch.

  38. Her laugh. If it’s easygoing and friendly, she’s hot.

  39. Why does her shit look old and hairy?! Her body is cute but when she pulled that thing over it was lookin a little rough... No?!?

  40. Yes this girl is way too good for him. What a complete moron he is. And why in the hell was he even going on a date with somebody when he's not over Nicole this dude is so childish and immature I'm surprised he didn't start talking about his sex toy to this poor girl. Hopefully she never talk to him again

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