1. Skip the aquarium. Not worth the money.

  2. If it’s just shutter squeak, you can honestly do it yourself.

  3. The shutter responds but it doesn’t change shutter speed. It lags.

  4. I am a drafter looking for a remote job.

  5. This is from an Olive Garden in Overland Park, Kansas. It made the local news here

  6. Every time I see these types of posts I question it’s authenticity… The spelling mistakes are that of a twelve year old. How can these come from a remotely professional environment.

  7. This is from an Olive Garden in Overland Park, Kansas. It made the local news here.

  8. Halloween ends. Conversation starts and ends there.

  9. 6 months has been my average for a couple of years now. Wish I could manage to stay longer. I’m coming up on 7 months with my current job.

  10. Dr. Jeffery Kallsen with St. Luke’s. I’ve been going for about 10 years now. Got my A1C down in no time flat.

  11. The building is very old and needs a lot of work. Low membership and lack of funds. I was one of the last Masons to be made in the temple. It’s a shame it is closed, so beautiful inside. The meetings were always exciting to witness.

  12. Not to be sarcastic, but are Masons actually masons-like brick masons? Was the purpose of the organization just fellowship?

  13. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Freemasonry

  14. Good tattoos coming out of Kansas.

  15. This happens to me fairly often. Not sure if it is the BP but I can only assume it is.

  16. Thinking about going here later on this year. Cool tattoo, it looks good.

  17. I didn’t know Grimm was still in KC?

  18. Yea, down in Westport. They're opening up a tattoo museum thing close by too

  19. I’ll check them out. Thank you.

  20. Take it a day at a time, there will be good times, just have to weather the storm and follow the treatment plan, this illness sucks

  21. Glucose meter no longer functions.

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