1. Digitech Polara, now discontinued. Hall, plate and spring reverb all sound good and can be fine tuned. No pre-delay.

  2. There's the Ammoon Stereo Looper, which seems to be a copy of the EHX 720. I've had it for a few years now and it still works. That's about the extent to which I can recommend it.

  3. I live in a country like that, where there's bars in the windows and balconies. It drives me nuts, I'm not from here and I feel locked up even when the house's not on fire.

  4. I live in a building from the 1950s, the bars and fences are all retrofitted. There's just a guy who welds this stuff and drills directly into the concrete to affix it. It's not something fancy. I wouldn't be able to escape through the back unless I could bend the bars far enough apart to squeeze through. In the front balcony we have gates in front of the balcony doors, my solution is to have the key to the lock hanging close. Might not be good enough if my escape time really is measured in seconds but it's the best we can do.

  5. I've never tried a Victorinox but I was always happy enough with the scissors on my Leatherman Juice S2. They're definitely better than the scissors on my Wave.

  6. Permitir hasta el ultimo dia. Soy hombre, no quiero que alguien decide sobre mi cuerpo, no quiero decider sobre el cuerpo de una otra persona.

  7. My delay is a DOD Rubberneck but if I were to get a digital pedal, I'd be looking hard at a Boss DD-8. Pretty feature packed and small.

  8. I'd consider both to be great options. Try them out before you buy, if possible. Most important are the build quality/finish, the feel of the guitar (especially the neck) and the looks. Sound quality is funny enough less important: it can easily be fixed.

  9. Side question: how can you try a guitar if you do not know how to play guitar??

  10. That's a good question. Feel the weight of the guitar, feel the shape of the neck, feel how the neck fits in your hands. Slide your hand along the side of the neck and feel the fret ends, feel how sharp the edge of the neck is between the frets.

  11. I don't know what's wrong but I'd be surprised if you destroyed your amp just by unplugging it.

  12. When I unplugged it it didn’t even make a loud noise but everything on the outside looks intact so i guess it’s just dead

  13. Also check and double check everything. I recently got my other amp back from the tech, plugged it in into the Strymon Deco which I use as a splitter (for wet/dry). The sound was really soft, I had to crank the volume to hear anything. Turns out I'd plugged it in the expression jack. No idea why there's even sound coming out of there.

  14. Dead would be no sound at all. Smell the amp, if something smells burnt there might be damage.

  15. Does no one sell non- metric socket sets where you are? It’s 5/16th. You should be able to find a 1/4 inch drive socket and holder. Or order one from StewMac.

  16. Good excuse to buy another Gibson for the included multitool…

  17. I bought a 2018 Memphis ES-335 and it didn't come with a tool, I wish I had the money for another Gibson on short notice.

  18. Shit happens. Considering the range at they were firing, I'm surprised no one died.

  19. Far Cry games are usually highly optimized, you simply had a bad PC or didn't set the game settings correct for your PC.

  20. You misunderstood: the game crashes NOW, on my current setup. So, rather than a remaster of the graphics, I'd rather want the game to be optimized for contemporary hardware.

  21. I played FC3 on my 8 years old laptop which had only an NVIDIA 840M embedded chipset, and it ran well. It even ran ReShade and other graphics mods well.

  22. My PC is less than 3 years old. It runs games just fine, even games older than FC3 but FC3 crashes frequently. It's not unplayable, say it crashes after half an hour of playing, but it's very annoying. It tends to crash right when the game saves, for instance when I liberate a radio tower.

  23. Digitech Polara, which I’m looking to replace. I’ve had it for almost 2 years now and it was my first pedal. Second one is the Greer Amps Lightspeed which I’ve had for almost a year but my god I would be surprised if it ever left.

  24. The Polara is a great pedal and they're getting more expensive now. It only left my board when I got a real spring reverb.

  25. I bought a Walrus Audio R1 but felt the fidelity and algos on the Polara sounded more natural. I think the only things that could replace it would be the Mercury 7, UA Golden Reverb, or Empress Reverb.

  26. The Polara has 4 good to excellent normal reverbs plus 3 "artistic" reverbs and I think I bought mine for around $100. The ones you mention and some Strymon or Source Audio pedals each retail for several times that amount. I think that even if you buy a Polara on

  27. If I remember correctly, there was a British politician who had his kid eat a beef burger on tv in the middle of the CJD outbreak to prove that beef was safe to eat again. The kid was fine but beef was absolutely NOT safe at the time.

  28. You remember correctly. And the weasel only ate the burger himself when the daughter initially refused it.

  29. YTA. Why not play the trumpet to announce that you're going to bed?

  30. I think this was the part I hated most about FC2, the roadblocks and the guys always patrolling the same stretch of road.

  31. Oops, I do. I never realized it but I do it all the time! I've now apologized to each individual pedal for my condescending behavior. Thank you for pointing this out!

  32. Stop thinking your board is pathetic. You want more pedals? Fine, but no need to look down on what you've got. You think it's better when you've sunk more money in pedals than in your guitar or amp?

  33. It looks so great! I have the same guitar and it’s my number one!

  34. I've had it for years now and I'm still in love with how it looks. Are there other fantastic looking teles? Yes, definitely! Is there a better looking tele? Nnnnno. Maybe. But probably not!

  35. Thank you. I've had this guitar for years now and I'm still in love with it. I'll fully admit buying it for its looks! It plays OK (not fantastic) but I'm very happy with the sounds I can get out of it.

  36. I spy a rubberneck :p what settings do you use most on it? Are you the type of guy who keeps tone/gain on zero? How bout depth/rate?

  37. Time and repeats between 9 and 11 o'clock, level between 11 and 13. I exclusively use quarter notes because I'm a noob :-)

  38. :p using it on quarter notes doesn't make you a noob. So I guess you never use the depth and rate dials then? I have found that if I turn the rate to 12 o clock and depth all the way down, I get a sorta lo-fi thing that is nice. I think I have that right. It might be depth up to 12 o clock and rate at 0...

  39. Your rate and depth trick does work, it does give some effect on the repeats.

  40. I’m not sure if it would count for both John’s region and Jacob’s

  41. It does. You only have to catch a record fish of each species, it doesn't matter where you catch it.

  42. I don't know if it's also in Jacob's region but the hard spot is in John's region under the tall bridge where there's a prepper stash.

  43. I've daily carried a Juice S2 for years, some time ago upgraded to a Wave. The Juice has about the size of 2 fingers; it really made an EDC set with an AAA flashlight and a Fisher Space Pen (all similar sizes).

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