1. I have a transferable 10/22 auto I'm debating listing on the 'broker because all I ever do is load mags while watching other people smile and giggle manically as my hard work goes brrrrrrrrrrrrrrt.

  2. I think it needs to be all together and then trust afterwords with the city and state.

  3. No there is no way to do this. The only way to accomplish the name that you want is to use a traditional trust.

  4. I’ve got a nefarious arms reaction rod it’s fits perfectly . It’s a beefy bastard

  5. Remember when SR15 uppers retailed for $1,776? Pepperidge Farm remembers.

  6. Excuse me? Just because I don’t cut sand with it anymore doesn’t mean it can’t be useful around the house .. 🤧

  7. True makes a very expensive nice too fondle paper weight :grin:

  8. i looked, they have 1 i think for sale..but its not the reticle i want. was looking for the 3GR reticle. Thanks tho.

  9. That reticle is not very common from what ive seen for sale. I love mine SM1

  10. Add some Texas toast and you're all set. 🤌🏾🤌🏾🤌🏾

  11. Is 500 dollars going to change your life? My guess is not get what you want

  12. I think I heard someone say they don’t several months ago. It would be shame if they didn’t

  13. pFFFFFT MY suppressed MCX loves this stuff, deff dirty af though.

  14. I have both a sandman s and a nomad 30 and the nomad is significantly quieter to my ears at least. I have yet to try it on anything else other than the 11.5 mcx

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