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  1. yeah, imagine how the kids will feel when their cousins get better gifts than them

  2. Been there. It stings. A lot. Even after decades, it stings.

  3. Remember one day at a supermarket checkout I was buying Butterfinger (formerly owned by Nestle but they'd shortly before then switched ownership of their candy division to Ferraro-Rocher).

  4. Yep, our 14 year old has a game that if you put your hand on his snoot while playing tug he will start growling during the game. My partner will grab-release-grab-release so it changes the pitch of the growl. We laugh at this game. (There’s lots of sneezing to let us know he’s playing).

  5. Super illegal question. All the HR people are cringing at that… oof.

  6. Lenovo is malware and spyware infected. It is banned from US govt contracts/contractors for this reason. Do not purchase these cheap spy model computers.

  7. Roger waters is a nut job. This pic may be the only thing same about him. There’s a long post somewhere that links the conspiracy theories and bs he spews… now to try to find it.

  8. Our poor 14 year old Boston terrier has had two of these in his paw recently.

  9. He’s got a lot of energy for 15-20 minutes and then naps for an hour or two. ♥️😁

  10. Nope. Returning to the office aids landlords/property management firms who are scared empty offices will be turned into living accommodation and the impact of all that new space on their bottom line.

  11. Yes, this is your chance to leave your abusive rapist of a husband.

  12. I follow “The Kids” on fratbunch. They are one of the cutest gaggle of bostons! They hail from Sweden.

  13. Narcissistic parents are the worst. 2 bucks says she denies ever saying (texting) this abuse.

  14. I’m so sorry for your loss but what the fuck is wrong with your wife?

  15. Well, I’ve ridden in private antique train cars that were added to the end of an Amtrak line… so there are private trains.

  16. Fried onions in the pan then covered with a few eggs. Flip the mess and add cheddar.

  17. In my early years, it was 3 people, 3 bedrooms, 2 off street parking spots. I got the big bedroom and street parking. They got smaller rooms but dedicated parking spots for their nicer, bigger cars. Fair trade.

  18. Dude, just go with your partner. Give your sister away and announce the pregnancy at the reception.

  19. Please do. As a delivery driver, these stops make my day better.

  20. I do this often. Some times, when I'm home and they make a delivery I offer them a cold drink. They almost always accept. If leaving a cooler, place a sign next to it explaining it's free for them.

  21. I started doing this March 2020. I get preferential treatment from my delivery people and I’ve been told the drivers talk about our snack pit stop.

  22. NTA, but next time your MIL talks about green eyes, just look her dead in the eyes and say "Oh, I know how they got green eyes... It's 2022, there are ways of finding these things out."

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