1. I only ever use cheats when they game bugs out which is often

  2. Imma make new mistakes in the future and I won’t have a blue door to fix them but I will have 5 million so it’ll hurt a little less

  3. Both the one that does not remove game and apps and the one that does remove them

  4. In that case not sure what else you could do.

  5. If that’s what you have to be in order to get number 1 I’m content with her being second

  6. A pond with a park bench maybe a memorial and a couple of trees to keep it in the shade and calm

  7. Son i know there's not more than 12 months in a year, I hoped saying "what do you mean" to an obvious truth would underline how that was blatantly a joke. You kinda do need to learn what a joke is yeah

  8. I was walking through a tunnel under the meadery in whiterun looking down killing skeevers and she just runs in front of my taking a long sword to the knees

  9. I’d just learnt about this in geography and I had to do a double take when I heard it

  10. I really like this as it’s incredible but not impossible to replicate as up close it’s not that complicated

  11. Yeah I normal just get caught trying to cross the border but whatever suits you I guess

  12. Bro it would burn my eyes so badly🤤

  13. https://i.imgur.com/SIpIagU.gifv

  14. Call me Doctor Disrespect cause I’m about to cheat on my wife

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