Freelancing FAQ in Tunisia

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  1. We put the dogs out of our room because they stare at us, but occasionally we’ll find a cat asleep at the end of the bed when we finish.

  2. I meannn.. yoo sex game so down, ur cat watches you to help fall asleep

  3. As a foreigner who moved here from abroad, I feel you're exactly right. People here have nothing to do and nowhere nice to go 🤷‍♂️

  4. I'm really curious why you moved here, I meaaan... there are not a lot of compelling reasons to choose this country, although since you're here you are more than welcome!

  5. 19 Seventy Sumthin’ by Neck Deep is an emotional roller coaster. Starts talking about how his parents met, and life story, then all of a sudden, the dad dies. Like wtf, wasn’t expecting that. Great song though

  6. it's a roller coaster indeed mate, thanks for the recommendation.

  7. why not, I am busy with exams rn, but I'm down!

  8. Doesn't anyone here know about the AMERICAN CORNER OF TUNIS. :/

  9. we started shitposting in here ?

  10. I started playing the game a 2 days ago maybe we play after I stop being a complete noob :D

  11. Next thing you know, he’ll tell you pineapple goes on pizza!

  12. Fortunately the situation isn't that bad yet

  13. He is right. This way you don't risk adding too much milk! Think: if you put cereal first and add too much milk, you just have to accept the soggy mess. But if you add milk first and then add too much cereal, you just add a tiny bit more liquid and cereal is always perfect. You are a fool

  14. Yeah the affectionate type always tastes better

  15. damn bruh what you gotta do this to me

  16. could you share the link to the video you mentioned?

  17. Oh, and can you create a Paypal account with the Payoneer card if it has money in it?

  18. I dont think so because of KYC. Paypal requires national ID. Since you can only provide Tunisian one services will be restricted.

  19. Oh that's a bummer. I just saw your Estonia e-Residency thing, and I'm quite interested, so what's the deal with that? And thanks <3.

  20. You are a legend brother! I think this post should get pinned because of how much these questions are popping out in here.

  21. I guess about a year and a half during most of my free time before I felt comfortable enough to look for a job.

  22. And how many hours on average per day/week ?

  23. They might be talking about all the unused cracked accounts floating around. The game has been around for a long time so a lot of people with accounts don't play anymore.

  24. You can find free ones if you dig deep. I got the java edition and can enter servers without any problem

  25. Can you help a fellow brother and further explain??

  26. There might be a temptation at times to “flex” or “defend” that you know how to do something in a “better” way than someone else. As a self-taught dev, you’ve probably had very little feedback regarding your code, so few if any have told you when you’re doing something well, and when there’s a potentially better way to do it. I am self-taught as well, and it took years to figure out that I didn’t have to prove myself every day (imposter syndrome didn’t help).

  27. Can I know how much time did you take to learn before you applied for a job? and great advice man!

  28. bro how do u know? Do not accuse me of lying out of the blue, I am out of this discussion. byye

  29. I have one question answer it correctly and I'll give you 100$ right now

  30. mouch ken 7kina 3al messenger khir xD?

  31. Wow! really thank you, what a neat list you made, I will make sure check those channels out. I hope consuming french content will help me improve my french tho, I am embarrassed that I am so bad at french despite it being the second language in my country and studying the language for more then 10 years lol!

  32. Well, this one looks interesting.

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