1. Hopefully within that time you learned how to fix this with fusion.

  2. Two different lasers for different purposes. 👍

  3. How so? I own both they both do 100% the same thing expect a co2 does it way better. Diode is a cheap hobby toy for kids

  4. Saw you post this earlier in a FB group. Where did you snag the STL?

  5. Limelight NYC was an old church that was deconsecration and was no longer a place of warship just like the one in your photo. Since the church no longer wanted the property. What are the supposed to do with it? At least these beautiful structures are being put to good use rather than being torn down and condos put in its place.

  6. No dangling here. I have been printing with mine for a few days non-stop now, and I am super impressed all-around. I have several p1p and x1c machines, as well as mk3s and minis. There are some things I like better about the bambus, and some things I like better about the mk3s. Overall, I am super impressed with the xl. I think it is on another level. I don't think is a question of versus when it comes to these printers. They are good for different things when it comes to a print farm.

  7. True. I just don’t trust it yet. Waiting until they release the rest of the heads. Currently it’s just a beta machine with promises by the end of the year the rest will be completed. By then. You’re far out of warranty and not able to return it. We currently have a 50/50 chance that we might be stuck with another mmus2. I feel it’s definitely not worth the risk to roll the dice. I do hope it works out.

  8. I feel that way about the bambu printers, to be honest. I’ve run my prusas 24/7, for years with minimal issues. When they have issues, they are super easy to fix. The carbon hasn’t been out long enough to really know how they are going to perform over time.

  9. Time shall tell. But I personally rather take a $1400 hit on a bambu that has been proven to be a workhorse for me and has the speed for production than spend 3k now and still wait a year for a maybe. I was able to buy a second bambu’s for the price of a XL. The current beta XL is simply too slow and doesn’t meet my needs and clearly many other users since I watched tons cancelled their preorders and after the release. They seem Very happy that they did. In the end, I haven’t seen anyone’s carbons fail yet and by the time mine does, they have already made back my money (one has) and I’m sure their will be many videos from other users showing how to fix it. Remember a few months ago, everyone was pissed that you could only buy items thru them and now what? Many parts from other venders are coming more and more available? Definitely happy I didn’t bother with the XL. Enjoy your machines :-)

  10. Go join this group con Facebook and message Pascal Lui. He’s the admin and his company I bought from. $3400 with rotary 3yr warranty and extra lens. Just message and say that you just seen the snail engrave and your interested in buying on. He’s the best!!

  11. Wait a rotary? I don't think I've ever seen a galvo laser that cheap, let alone with a rotary attachment. Have you tried it with glass?

  12. Fiber lasers are not good to use with glass. You can paint the glass black and get a semi decent result, you would honestly want a UV laser for glass and that’s up towards 8k I believe. Pascals company is called Haotian. Join that group and simply talk to other users and search to see what you think. His lasers are low priced but high quality. Amazing company.. definitely message him. I’m a stoner with a laser check out my work and see what I do with his machines.

  13. Hello!! Yes I do! Thanks for looking. I can’t believe someone else liked the design as well and bought one. Here is the link to my Etsy. -

  14. 30watt jpt. If you have FB. I can hook you up with my supplier.

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  17. Yep! Here’s more of my work. Message me anytime.

  18. What..? There were AI a decade ago with better scene relevance differentiation than what you got

  19. My battery died :-( check out my other work here if you would like to see some more.

  20. How difficult was it to remove the strip and chip? Jk just saw you say you haven’t done the strip yet in another comment

  21. Hey! Chip is using a heat gun and heating just enough to melt the glue. Do not melt the card or chips ruined by the heat. Quickly use tweezers to remove the chip and then glue into the new card. (Took a few tries on old gift cards before getting it correctly) As for the reader. This is an old post. I have purchased a reader and I’m able to instantly copy and then transfer the data over. I’m now trying to source cards that have NFC chips inside so I can figure out how to do “tap and go” payments for customers.

  22. The updated versions screw the inside fan instead of using tape like in the kickstarter

  23. Do you have to use their filaments or can I still use my eSun PLA+ which I love? Can I use the eSun's default spools or do I need to get a system of transferring the filament from the base spool to the RFID ones?

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  29. It’s cool bro. Please in the future. Ask before you assume the worst. This is why the internet and world sucks today. People get triggered for little things. I miss the 80’s man.

  30. Sick engrave! I haven’t ventured into these picture engraves yet, but it’s on the list!

  31. Definitely try. At least start the process of learning how to manually edit your photos. Will be well worth it $$$$

  32. Oh no shit eh? I’m not always one to follow all the safety measures in an instruction manual, but with my laser I haven’t taken any chances. This is good to know, though, that at least I shouldn’t be so paranoid when standing near it at least haha

  33. Been doing it for years. 2 of my fiber lasers don’t even have enclosures and when engraving shinny metal that beam is reflecting all over.

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