“Happiness in a field of Sunflowers” Laser Engraved on Steel.

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  1. This is gorgeous!! I was curious, was this a straight up jpg when you engraved it? I have never engraved a photo and liked how it came out.

  2. Yes. It was a jpg file that i edited in affinity photo to make it ready for the laser. Many videos on YouTube to teach. You can also use software like 1- touch or photograv

  3. 🤦🏻‍♂️it says it even on the video lol 😂 whatever. I know you need to hear yourself and voice your opinion on how much you hate something. You clearly must be fun at parties. Have a blessed day :-)

  4. What are you 5yrs old lol Thanks for the laugh. Bye 👋

  5. You definitely should mask that and then give it another go.

  6. I'm curious what you do for post processing? Do you touch it up by cleaning, sealing?

  7. I just give it a spray of Weiman leather conditioner

  8. How many of those followers are bots that he paid to make himself look more popular on YouTube than he is?

  9. Looks amazing, what lens did you use for this?

  10. How did you treat the wood before engraving and what do you seal with afterwards

  11. Never treat the wood before hand. Just cut to fit into my laser and then engrave. I then use water based poly to seal.

  12. These look fantastic. Great choices to suit the palette. I'm guessing that this sort of product would be better suited for in person sales compared to Etsy type of platforms. (only based on not seeing many for sale)

  13. Not sure. I got these with my free cash from JDS. I wanted to try something different. I’m gonna float it around and possibly add to etsy and see what happens. They are built nicely. I been using one all night testing. So far so good. Definitely look them up. Cheaply priced.

  14. I've thought about it a lot, they also have silicone but they're very, very thin. I just can't get over a faux leather coaster. It seems counterintuitive to put a drink on leather ya know? Even though I know it's not real leather, still bugs me.

  15. Awesome. I sell coasters as well and you’re 100% right. It’s a little weird to put a drink on it. I just really like the material. I had to place an order for tumblers before. I was looking around and I found that they sell the sheets of it with adhesive backing. I can simply engrave and cut out and put into a frame or something along those lines. I bought the sampler set with all the colors. So I’m gonna test and see how they all look. I’m definitely going to use this marble one for 3D looking photos.

  16. Maybe painted that will not be as scary looking.

  17. So this is what you do with your life. You go on peoples postings and abuse their work? Kinda sad that you feel the need to do this people.

  18. Would you be offended if someone labeled a lamp of your face that didn't look like you?

  19. Jesus could look like what ever you want. People believe he’s white, black short or tall. I’m sooo sorry that it doesn’t meet your standards. Please feel free to post better….

  20. I know about no graven images, what is the rule on engraved images?

  21. I think you have an interesting and eclectic mind. The combination of these pictures is a little concerning.

  22. When you type on that keyboard does it make a clacky sound like a typewriter?

  23. Hard may be the wrong word. It is cool that this is possible but editing and finishing with wipe on poly is the end of a process that takes many years. I do a little printmaking and there is a long and important history of wood engraving - Start here:

  24. This was three hours of editing to get the depth correctly. I don’t think you know about lasers and how difficult it is to find the correct settings. Thanks for viewing :-)

  25. What finish did you use? I build speakers and for one of them it's getting a small light hardwood front that the owner might wood burn something on. Was trying to figure out how to finish after.

  26. I brush on polycrylic from minwax. Water based (the oil based would darken the engrave). This works best for my application and I like the way it brings out the living edge.

  27. And this is why he wants to fix it. It’s not like he asked for bots to follow him. 🤷‍♂️ not sure why everyone is in a panic over what w man buys with his money. Don’t we have our own wallets and lives to care about than Twitter bots?

  28. That’s amazing work. I wish the video was not overexposed

  29. Hi! I’m new with shooting videos. May I ask what you mean by over exposed? This way I do not do this again. I’m having a hard time grasping video editing

  30. I think it’s cool, you could make these and cover them with resin and do all sorts of neat stuff.

  31. I would love to. Unfortunately I don’t have money to play with resin. It’s definitely a wish of mine and I would love to try one day. I set up a website and I’m starting to sell my work online. So, hopefully I will make money and buy new materials. Great idea :-)

  32. Not brainwashed. These people are being forced to do this right now. It’s all scripted and part of Russia’s “feel good” campaign to their citizens to make them think russia is world leaders. If they don’t agree and speak propaganda on TV they end up being arrested or fired. Laws passed in russia where the government controls the media now.

  33. what do you coat it with to prevent the corrosion later? poly?

  34. Thank you all so much!! I appreciate the kind words.

  35. Could that image be inverted and made into a plate that you could pull prints from? This should be an edition of prints my dude

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