1. In fact, we all know it most of the time, but we don't put it into practice.

  2. What industry do you want to do? If you want to sell a product, you first need to ensure the health and safety of consumers.

  3. Yes, when people have an urgent demand for products, they don't care too much about the price.

  4. If you want to start your own business, you can choose crowdfunding, or the local government can provide assistance. If you don't mind being given some initiative, working with a large company can promote your product faster.

  5. Is there a large demand for it? If it only exists in a specific and small area, you can accumulate demand by establishing a community and then negotiate with the factory.

  6. If you don't mind being charged a certain intermediary fee, I think finding a local intermediary can save you a lot of energy.

  7. There is a standard that can be used as a reference: the income of the sideline industry steadily exceeds the income of the main industry for six months to a year.

  8. No, it is likely to involve legal disputes. You can search for relevant content online and ask someone to inquire, but I don't recommend you enter their company yourself. If integrity issues are involved at the beginning of your business, it will be difficult for you to collaborate with other companies later.

  9. Yes, the only one who can save himself is himself. Don't worry too much. May you have a good sleep tonight.

  10. Some accidents inevitably occur in life, brace up against! Or you can now take some part-time jobs to support such a family. After everything has passed, your life can return to the normal track.

  11. Start by writing a business plan. If you really want to do it, the first step must be to do a good job of market research. After that, you can follow the module of the business model canvas and fill in relevant information after careful consideration. I think this will greatly help you understand entrepreneurship.

  12. I can see that you really have a strong expression ability, continue to fuel!

  13. When I see my own shadow in others. Perhaps now they seem relaxed and successful, but who hasn't struggled in the mud before?

  14. If its main consumer is a business, there is no need to consider B2C. Rather than leaving a cheap impression on the other enterprises, it is better to refine the features of the product to increase the price of a single product.

  15. Yes, when business income is too single, it is not friendly to the long-term development of a company.

  16. We don't need to wonder about other people's choices. Some people may prefer stability, so they choose to endure nine to five jobs. But some people like freedom, they have ideas, creativity, and passion, so they choose to start a business. Just choose the lifestyle you like, there is no right or wrong.

  17. Why not? There is no need to presuppose that too many bad things are about to happen, which may lead us to miss many good opportunities. Making rules in advance, and I believe that your cooperation is far smoother than outsourcing.

  18. An idea worth a try. Before starting, you can do a questionnaire survey in the community to see if they need this service as much as you think.

  19. Just like flowers have flowering time, maybe our efforts are also waiting for a better opportunity.

  20. Everyone may want different things. Entrepreneurship may be tiring for countless times, which leads us to want to go back to "normal" work.

  21. The consumption of funds is far faster than expected, and customers are far more complex than expected.

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