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my sister died this morning

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That looks so good

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  1. it’s so long… I’m going to be here for hours!

  2. A solo piece of food on the table that you have to look around the room before going for it just in case someone judges you

  3. I think it’s called witchery? I’ll have to double check though. My favourite teacher got all her clothes there and I remember how stylish she was

  4. As a woman this is some gosh darn news to me

  5. I had a good stare at my own to figure out the logistics

  6. After a lot of thoughts and considerations about the many beautiful and amazing countries on our earth, I think I’m going to have to pick a one way ticket to my favourite place. A place I go quite often because it brings me joy and great memories. I’m rambling again. Your moms house, I’d go to your moms house.

  7. It's the shock. When I was told that a loved one of mine was dead,I didn't cry or feel anything for a day or so then,I started randomly crying my eyes out halfway through the next day. Give it a bit of time,it might take a while.

  8. OP this is the realest answer. My sister passed in January and I think I’m STILL in a bit of shock. it’s normal to feel numb or not much at first. Don’t let it make you feel guilty but also don’t bottle it up because it will come out in its own time. I’m wishing you so much love and support <3 stay safe

  9. Add a pop of colour where you’d usually put your inner corner highlight! Maybe a neon pink or light blue works a charm

  10. for real, i’m done with that “you” and “we” shit. i only believe in he and she!

  11. Agreed, that “us” and “I” stuff is insane

  12. Bro pronouns are valid. Xe/xem, ze/zir, etc. xe i pronouns are literally just nicknames or aesthetics and are just straight up dumb.

  13. I refuse to go back. Me and my friends went to one in Queensland to see what all the fuss was about but we left earlier than expected when this one woman made a “If I was your friend I’d kill myself” joke or something insanely horribly similar which made everyone at our table kind of speechless! It’s not like she would have known a girl in our high school friend group passed last year and it was still horrific for us but we were shocked that they were allowed to say something like that! REALLY don’t recommend going. They are the worst.

  14. Be polite to customers when working? Always comes off as “putting out/showing off” and “flirting”

  15. I would lose my mind if he actually used this as his YouTube banner😁

  16. I really hope he, or someone who can show him this, sees this and does it!

  17. My main is currently Dakota I am in love with the Scandinavian to Milan Model

  18. Everyone deserves a “that successful person looks just like me!” Moment. I think it’s amazing to hear

  19. I would say steal a ring she wears often but as a girl we would pull apart the entire country of Finland to find a missing piece of jewellery

  20. This happened to me when in was younger and all I remember was how much my mom worked hard to make those days the best for me. I love her dearly for everything she’s done for me and I’m sure yours will think the same way!! It absolutely sucks what happened, for me it was just that others forgot or were unfortunately busy, but I wish you both the best in future and just know that she will remember the happiness of spending time with you over anything else

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