1. Ah, the transformation of VRChat user, it will always happen, I went through it, you went through it, we all have.

  2. Yup if you play vrchat long enough then you're gonna learn stuff about yourself, for example I learned that I'm aromantic, so that's pretty cool.

  3. Off-roading is my favorite thing to do in beamng, I'm pretty dang excited.

  4. Yeah that’s true I suppose I’m just worried about it bashing against the barrel again, hoping a new spring would fix that.

  5. yeah defo get a new spring in there, how old was the your spring?

  6. It’s the original one but I don’t think this gun has a very high round count, everything else was in nice shape. I suppose it is 30-40 years old though.

  7. Yeah definitely gotta replace that recoil spring every 15k rounds or so.


  9. Sometimes I like to give my whole gun a bit of an oil wash like that, once you wipe it off it leaves a really nice clean look.

  10. Oh man definitely cordyceps of some kinda, looks metal as heck.

  11. My username is what people called me IRL for about 10 years now. Maybe not on paper, but I havent heard a relative call me by my real one in a while.

  12. Yup same, my username is my irl nickname that my family has called me since I was a teen.

  13. it is such an honor to befriend a mute for so long that they feel comfortable enough to talk.

  14. Its true, sometimes in battle there must be sacrifices, such as a lack of showers.

  15. Niceee, A4 with the ribbed handguard is pretty dang awesome, I have one as well.

  16. Kickass my dude. The skinny A2 hand guards are the way to go, these are from the 80’s and have that perfect original gloss to them

  17. Yeah I managed to get some nice glossy ones for mine too, the M5 RAS definitely looks cool but I'm gonna stick with the ribbed handguard.

  18. I never would have thought, that the sentence: “furry (porn) artists are being drafted into a war of aggression”

  19. Yeah I feel really bad for them, it really highlights that a majority of the Russian soldiers don't want to be there, war really sucks.

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