Johnny Gaudreau will be signing with the Columbus Blue Jackets

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  1. I personally hate doing feet with the portable on a patient who can’t move.

  2. You’d have to combine like one skill from 4 players to get to Datsyuk

  3. Yeah I’m in North Alabama and I’d definitely have a second team if one came to the state.

  4. Okposo. Don’t get me wrong I love Okposo and the concussions haven’t helped. He had a solid year and is probably our next captain but he’s a 6M cap hit.

  5. Yeah let’s trade two firsts and mitts for 2 aging stars and a banged up goalie.

  6. If either Nazar or Savoie go in the next two picks I’m going to upset

  7. I was extremely nervous going in. We used radtechbootcamp exclusively and I made a 90. You’ll do fine.

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