1. For an arcade/board game place I know Orions Landing is a thing, I haven't been there yet but its on my list to checkout so can't say how it is

  2. Why seemingly so much for parking for a smaller stadium?

  3. I think the NFL makes stadiums have a certain amount of spacing/parking around them?

  4. If you can find a source where developers can make a significant profit off of a $800 apartment I’d love to see it.

  5. Some can, but yea not in Buffalo right now in our current market haha. Hopefully that changes of course so we get better density

  6. I mean it’s a private company, and the owner was only screwing over his family members. It’s not really that newsworthy imo. I do love consumers though

  7. Kind of interesting because those family members make a living off their shares. If my brother ran a company and my shares let me not work and go golf at Wanakah every day I wouldn't be trying to sue him

  8. Let's see, the old man lives in a million-dollar hose in OP and the kids want their piece

  9. Not his kids. Its his siblings, and they have been always been making money off the company through their shares

  10. Jesper Tjader. Cool seeing the creativity he is bringing to some events/edits

  11. Whoever came up with this contest should get a promotion. Have so many people lighting money on fire with +100000 bets, and even then you don't win 50k cash. You win 50k in free bets, which... if you're safe, you'll walk with a 25k win. To actually win 50k you'd need to win a +100 bet and those probably hit like 35% of the time

  12. Seriously, these companies can just print money hard by promoting any sort of degen parlays etc like this. The win-win is unreal

  13. Thats wild, pops cost places like $.05 if they're fountain drinks

  14. So your reasoning is that someone shouldnt run for president in a decade is because you don't know what they've done for WNY?

  15. Its fine to value privacy. Im just saying if thousands of people are posting crazy speculations and posting comments at your family, a bland "hey she is still receiving care and we would respect privacy at this time" would calm that down

  16. If it wasn't to protest Roe v Wade then arrest them accordingly.

  17. It's way too late for that. It's not as simple as just legalizing drugs.

  18. Seems like you would like the book Nacronomics. I always recommend it to people for an interesting read on how the cartels operate similar to normal businesses. Super cool book

  19. They look cheap because they often are built cheaply.

  20. Do you mind explaining some other examples of what construction practices they would use to cut corners? I understand lowest bidder could mean lower quality, and the sound masking example you gave. But do you have anything other examples beyond that?

  21. I should really say ignoring construction practices. Most of it boils down to cutting out materials for cost (IE insulation) and not properly sealing a structure AKA sloppy labor (EG taping seams, proper caulking, not working within weather restraints, adequate construction inspections...)

  22. Thanks for that I really appreciate the response. I definitely need more experience/knowledge to see and understand those little things, understandably those sound like it comes with time.

  23. He is someone who wants to be seen/appreciated in the public eye more than anything, and good or bad is up to your own interpretation.

  24. Spotted Octopus is right near founding fathers, they have a really nice indoor setup and should be quiet enough regardless of the time you go when some of the other ones you listed get louder as the night goes on. Plus they have very solid beer if you're group wants brewery stuff vs domestic

  25. I once stumbled upon a group that was doing an outdoor rave that said they chose a different location each week. I wish I could find a connection to that again because it seemed like a blast

  26. Congrats! Just seeing your posts on this now, cool to see you killing it. If you don't mind me asking what goes in to the picks you decide to make?

  27. Twist: Dawson is the one donating big chunks to Okonkwo to motivate more Bills fans to donate.

  28. A lot of the big developers/property mgmt companies have a couple under their ownership. Usually its a small amount and they are swept up pretty quickly, higher demand for them than supply. But if you wanted I would reach out to the large property owners/managers in Buffalo and ask them. A simple email with what you are looking for (ex. 2bd, dog friendly) and your exact time frame, and they usually can respond swiftly to the availability

  29. Thanks so much!! Will definitely try this. I’m not a local though, who are the big property management companies?

  30. No problem. And im not saying it to be mean but honestly google is your best bet here. Like I put in "development companies buffalo" to see if it was legit and that will give you a lot of the big names of people who have tons of units around the city. Benderson, McGuire, Ellicott, Burke Homes, Uniland etc.

  31. Just curious what is making you go with this one versus other ones with the formulas agreeing and a higher variance such as SF/Miami or Yankees/Angles?

  32. Starting pitcher ERAs are usually the driving factor in a lot of the decision making post looking at formulas, I am still learning indicators myself, one other thing to look at, if you go into the formulas page and into the game details page, how often does that home team go under/over and how often does that away team go over/under are usually good indicators as well.

  33. Where’s the 5$ parking? Show nights it’s 20-25 or more.

  34. Street parking a few blocks away from most things and show up more a bit early

  35. If they have to walk a couple blocks they consider that "nowhere to park". They won't even walk. Don't underestimate how lazy these people are.

  36. Oh i know. Its a crazy problem in Buffalo, we became so car/parling dependent as a culture here. A company I used to work brought in consultants and they decided we should reject a proposed development project because of the parking we would need related to how people view it here. It was very disappointing

  37. Looks like the entrance to the Gideon Putnam at the very end, which is an old historic hotel in Saratoga Springs.

  38. Nah its the Cloverbank CC (formerly Brierwood) in Hamburg. I saw them there filming that day, they were filming nonstop so they probs could've made this video way longer for us

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