1. The episode where sideshow bob steals an atom bomb feels like a big Dr strangelove reference.

  2. Holy shit make that happen. Better Call Zampanò.

  3. Lol, I always saw Navidson's obsession with documenting the house as another one of slippin Jimmy's schemes.

  4. "I'm not your doctor" Should've immediately disregarded the whole statement with that sentence

  5. I definitely agreed. It took me a year to find a used bike at $100 because everyone wanted way more than that

  6. Cooper doesn't want anyone, including Laura, to get hurt/die. He wants to be the hero that saves the day. So he tells Laura not to take the ring, as this will prevent her death. However, Laura knows her part in the story, and takes the ring anyway. Similarly, Cooper tries to prevent Laura's murder all together in the season 3 finale and ruins everything.

  7. I wish I got Krennic's shuttle when it was made. I vote for it over the imperial shuttle.

  8. People have such a varied definition of one serving of chips too. I consider 10 chips one serving, and people eat them by the handful.

  9. Bros (and broettes and others), I'm scared. I feel like we (the US) might go into another lockdown similar to covid due to monkeypox. This means gyms might close indefinitely. What would be some ways to tackle this? Just start buying weights and make a home gym? That's pricey. Convert to calisthenics? Start buying kettlebells? I don't want to lose my gains.

  10. Man just wipe down your gym equipment before and after use

  11. G1 blows away Bayverse with one quote: "I have nothing but contempt for this court!"

  12. OK, if they can get through med school, I can get through grad school. It's on!

  13. There was a siege starscream at my local gamestop and I didn't get him :( I still think about him till this day

  14. Not a story in the gym per se, but I play kickball once a week, and it was our turn to play field. I had just gotten some pit vipers and was heading towards outfield. I told my friend "don't worry. Nothing gets past these pit vipers." We had a good laugh

  15. Cheating on your gym partner? :o that's worse than cheating on your Barber!!

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