1. Experimental within the genre. To be clear, none of this superhero stuff is truly experimental. Cinema isn't the US comics space where the big two have ruled for decades.

  2. You're trying to tell me superhero movies can't ever get to the level other types do in terms of thematic and stylistic execution?

  3. Superhero films can explore any genre their audience will support.

  4. But there are some genuinely new ideas. The Black Panther movies introduce a political superpower on the continent of Africa and make it a land of great progress while also avoiding colonization. Then they add a Mayan underwater kingdom that also avoided colonization and became a superpower of sorts. Both states resenting or distrusting the global West and not helping peoples of their kin either. That's DOPE. And novel. The Guardians movies mix a concept of a god that manifests in a planet's biology (pantheism) and mix it with a hostile alien assimilation concept, like in Star Trek, while watering it with some classic villain narcisssism and boom! Fresh.

  5. That is a fascinating concept, though I'd need some proper visual or verbal explanation as to just how Herbert managed to create a being capable of multiversal travel with only tech and no magic at his disposal.

  6. They should've pulled a Turnabout Time Traveler and used the thing only twice.

  7. How many more repetitive memes are you going to make about it?

  8. My guess is that he just yells at everyone else to do the same

  9. Then I guess the likes Lana, Neil, Byrne and maybe even Gaspen had to listen...

  10. If you present your badge to Kay in Ace Attorney Investigations, she says that her dad told her that Manfred would yell at other prosecutors who wore theirs.

  11. Goddamn. A whole bunch of wildly different people terrorized by the same maniac - and also, their colleague.

  12. Are you OK, man? If you're mad that Thaddeus Ross is the Big Bad of NWO, don't know what to tell you, but the Captain Americas of the MCU - be it Sam, John or Steve - are used to clashing with politicians, so it only fits Captain Falcon.

  13. Stephen got Wanda over a real dr strange villain and his arc goes against the character entirely

  14. Besides vision, those are mostly physical costumes. I mean like fully CG characters that dont just look like purple humans (thanos)

  15. Stop shifting the goalposts and accept MCU got comic accurate.

  16. They truly don't. I wish it were the case but I have yet to see any of the crazy looking comic character have an accurate look besides abomination. Even thanos(Josh Brolin) got a simplified design, they should've kept it like it was in the cameo

  17. I don't know if Arishem of the Celestials is "crazy looking", but he's CGI and accurate in Eternals.

  18. Well, the HYDRA guys cannot know that Bruce hulks out upon external aggression, so they probably thought they'd kill both if they shot Banner.

  19. But not by Norman, so why even bother? Anything they could replace him with in that scenario wouldn’t be half as good, and the fans wouldn’t like it.

  20. Not necessarily. I think a Dark Reign with General Thaddeus Ross as the Red Hulk being the lead instead could work very well.

  21. "Apollo, tie me up into a new pose! Wait, you're not into this kind of stuff, are you?"

  22. With the large roster of prosecutors that the series has, I wouldn't introduce another new prosecutor. Instead, to shake things up I would have a prosecution team. The defense almost always has multiple people but the prosecution is almost always alone (even in cases with multiple people on the prosecution side like 3-5 and TGAA2-3 they don't really work together).

  23. Except Gaspen has probably been executed by the Ga'ranian regime in Khura'in.

  24. I'm gonna also point out how out of place the bad endings are at least for the two that involve Aura. Like the game wants us to believe she's able to pull off overpowered super villain shit by either "disappearing" with all of the hostages or dragging Athena out of a courtroom and vanishing with her leaving no trace at all? Like no law enforcement is able to stop her? They simply let her go?

  25. Aura was screwed up bad by the game, to the point where if not for the understandable motivations, I'd consider her as bad a character as Franziska.

  26. I wonder if the female factor is legitimately a part of why people are turned off to these movies. A sort of subconscious misogyny.

  27. The story behind the name change is large corporations bullying small time creators who were doing somewhat well for themselves

  28. Doesn't matter. Carol received the mantle far after it happened, and there were 3 or 4 Captain Marvels in Marvel before her.

  29. Fabricated stakes. Limited Pimm particles? Really? They didn't think to stole more pimm particles first before time travelling?

  30. Or even less than "Marvel actress constantly uses racial slurs after being told not to".

  31. I don't know if this comment intended to defend or criticize her...

  32. I went off Boyega a little after Pacific Rim 2 - from some BTS stuff I watched and read it seemed his influence as a producer wasn't exactly to the benefit of the finished product, for me at least. (Big fan of a LOT of his other work).

  33. If we're talking the most overused out of the whole series, probably Phoenix and MAYBE Edgeworth.

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