1. My facials have been compared to him quit a lot thank u🫶🏿

  2. Make sure you keeping your hair oiled and healthy my brother. Breakage from bleach is real af

  3. That 3rd picture is hilarious, but your locs look amazing. Whats wrong with the back fam?

  4. The front was twisted and the roots look neat. But the back isn‘t and the roots look like i‘m growing freeforms

  5. Dont worry it will get skinnier again after u wash it more often and then retwist it

  6. Somewhat miss playing matches in day as well. Won't lie it is getting pretty boring to play matches in nights.

  7. U can play the normal team matches, with barca, bayern etc. there u can choose between day and night. U can change everytving there.

  8. I mean, OP did say go complain in the app store. It's not like Konami have some secret employees in this sub, if users want to complain to the company, do it in the app store where they can directly see it.

  9. The best place would be on their website where u can tell em whats wrong.

  10. Then go do it there. If you want the company to know what's wrong with the game, ranting and complaining at a random fanbase/subreddit won't make a difference.

  11. Already did but it takes slot of people that why i started a rant where i wanted everyone to protest bc of the reward system of konami for f2p players…

  12. Efootball isn't any less of a cash grabbing game now. I would say earlier versions of PES were more F2P oriented. Funny thing is that Konami tags "Efootball" as F2P but it has legit become more P2P. Just see this dude we aren't getting coins login bonus!

  13. Now were getting coins but 200 for 2 weeks smh💀😂 atleast were gonna have 6 free tries of the legend box

  14. You don’t have to buy it IT IS OPTIONAL STOP COMPLAINING

  15. U dont have to complain about him complaining bruh. If u dont see what he meant then stop dumb complaing😂

  16. They are getting paid for sure. I can throw dozens of mistakes/errors at their faces and i bet they can't even debate.

  17. No cap i can also say that the "new system of stunning shots“ was there before just without the flashy purple bar and without saying that its a stunning shot

  18. Stunning shot is the worse one especially in online mode where your opponent steals the ball before you even complete it. It takes literally 2 sec to complete that animation and you don't have any guarantee if it will be accurate or not. And for advance control lads it's a disappointment for them.

  19. Agree. Its okay if people wanna act like efootball is perf. There are people saying that u can‘t complain bc its free… fifa mobile is also free but why are their fanbase complaining on insta like crazy?? These people really think that it‘s not okay to complain when i have been playing pes on console since 08 and playing mobile since 18teen. I as a consumer have the right to complain! Heck even Konami in their official website has as a space where u can tell them what isn‘t good with the gameplay or other stuff so stop telling loyal fans that we can‘t complain. People who complain actually love the game and are sad that the system is so broken that u can‘t grind for coins! Lets not get it twisted here! Stop lying to yall selfe man

  20. But it's not like they are forcing you to pay or you have to pay to win, then why complain? It's just there in the shop incase someone wants it. You go to a shop and there's like thousands of stuff that you don't need, do you start complaining about it? No, right?

  21. Exactly what i said. How can it be that u have no way of grinding coins? thats just wrong on so many levels and there are actuallx people who are defending this system

  22. How can u name it p2w when even if u pay the players are often worse then the standard ones… i dont know hwere people or in generall efootball community had that mindset where they think in fifa u can‘t grind for a good team? Like i have fifa mobile never dropped a penny there and have a great team… its just that the gameplay of fifa is so broken and shit that i can’t enjoy it. I always said that if fifa had the gameplay of efootball that it would be perfect… and btw i agree with what ur saying

  23. There is fifa mobile 22 out there its sooo easy to play if u want a easy gameplay experience with no worries of scoring goals and thinking when to pass and build up no play them play fifa mobile 22 its perfect for players who want an easy experience

  24. I‘m sorry but bro stop whining around… its a damn mobile game konami has done great! Its more challenging now then before… before almost everyone was good at the game like if u played online and had 1400 point with a full grinded team and the other one had 800 point and a shitty team and he whooped my ass what was the reason then?? Efootball is not perfect and no football game will be perfect. If u watch football in general do u think every pass is completed? Or every shot infron the goal is a goal? Yall make it seem like u have to score every game 3-5 goals. The defense is not good but u can still manage it its not broken where u cant controll nothing!

  25. Bro just go in training mode and learn there it really helps you become better at the game especially knowing when to do a stunning shot. The game isn‘t the same as pes 21 mobile and i really like that bc i want to become better and theres the joy for me

  26. Enable offside trap bro ig thats why they moved all forward

  27. Day matches felt like a friendly game and night feels like a cl game😂

  28. Ong i hated day matches lol now i oove that theres onlx night game

  29. When u got to the special player section and scroll all the way right u can chose one 3 star level player and one 2 Star level player.

  30. I won 3:0 against them. But i played aloooot of games against legend

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