1. There are several reason's the monks do this, but the simplest reason (at least of Mt. Athos) is space. Since the monastery is on an island mountain, there isn't a whole lot of space to bury the dead, so when a new monk dies, the oldest grave is exhumed, the large bones (leg bones, arm bones, etc.) Are tied together with the skull, the name of the monk is then carved obto the skull for identification, and the newly Reposed monk is then buried.

  2. Mauser pistol, because I think it looks cool, for revolver the lancaster because I think it looks cool, and for revolver the double action because I think it looks cool, and for shotgun the double barrel because I think it looks cool

  3. The way I intend to do it is through dilligebt study/ self teaching, as he will be umable to defeat those who would oppose him without it

  4. ah yes, because there would be absolutely no reason anyone would be upset about you shooting at a dead body DURING HIS FUNERAL

  5. Not really I like having a variety of looks for all my weapons. And some look better with certain woods. Like the sawed of shotty with wide grain and Dark Rosewood looks really nice for me and stands out. It almost like my weapons have their own personality!

  6. All my weapons have mahogany wood with black metal. (Except for the lancaster, that has a brass reciver)

  7. Lancaster 9/10 knife is 6/10 not much to do with it and just looks meh

  8. "克里斯!我因国内恐怖主义而被多个国家通缉!"

  9. 😂nah it’s not too bad to be honest, it could def be better tho

  10. Don’t blame you, but I think wacos 500x worse god I hate Waco lmao

  11. I'm on my way to Waco right now, just passed the exit to Killeen and ft hood

  12. I move right with the "D" key and left with the mouse because I hold shift with my ring finger

  13. the issue I had with the showracemenu command was that after you used it the game would register it as a new character save, I found this out when I looked in my character list and found 3 characters under the same name

  14. my first thought when I got there was "I can't see jack Shit in here!"

  15. Niko already is scottish, you just can't hear the accents because there's no voice acting

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