Nazi gets punched out

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  1. I’m struggling to see what that’s gonna be like..Wanda is coo and all…and damn did she have some DSLs..but what is it gonna be? Her taking care of a shelter? I’m sure given the time table it will touch on the LA riots. But other then that, give me a spin off on Ant!

  2. Her getting into the music business, it's most likely gonna revolve around the hip-hop scene in LA in the 90s

  3. …and them mind is in the gutter

  4. Wish that gay dude would have fucked him up

  5. Yo I think that girl licks her fingers?

  6. Number 3 has a special place in my heart

  7. That bomb situation was something else

  8. Cop is way out of line just throwing these kids around like rag dolls

  9. There’s gonna be some parents calling the BOE

  10. I hope so. If I was that kids dad I’d beat the shit out of that cop…when he’s off duty

  11. Once you step up, he’s going back to cop mode lol

  12. Look like they staying at the Rosebud motel in Schitt's Creek

  13. Cmon guys let’s make up our own backstory:

  14. Reminds me of War Of the Worlds on Epix

  15. That shit look like islets nice and warm

  16. Didn’t they used to do it at Staple Center?

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