1. Hey, what's your Twitter handle? Or if you mean follow you on here, I'll do that too

  2. Petticoat? You lucky sod. Me and my 15 brothers and sisters used to sleep naked on the freezing cold tiled floor, with nothing but a dishrag to use as a blanket. And we had to take turns with that too! What wouldn’t we have given to have a nice warm petticoat to huddle inside?

  3. LUXURY! We used t’dream of a freezing cold tiled floor! My fo’tyseven brother’s and twenty-six sisters had t’sleep in t’bath, and it were filled up so not t’waste water. After we’d drowned t’death in ours sleep, dad would wake us up, and send us off t’slaughter, but we were ‘appy!

  4. Lovely, but I would love nothing more than to see you in those boyshorts now. 😍

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