1. Mirai running everywhere and doing Nissan product placement was pretty funny

  2. It's what every anniversary series should ever aim to be. Huge on nostalgia, yet never dependent on it.

  3. I mean, Madoka did get Daigoned at the end of the series

  4. Of all the king joes, 90's King Joe was the best looking out of all of them. Sad it didn't get a reappearance of a decent fig out of it.

  5. It's a shame as Heisei had pretty good Seven kaiju redesigns, especially Windam's roided look. Would be great if we had that

  6. Nice. If you're willing to wait a few days, I think I can get something on YT by then

  7. I did see that in the song well I’m only at episode 2 so gotta wait and see who it is

  8. Argh, my bad for not reading carefully and seeing your progress! It's not much of a spoiler though, don't worry.

  9. Himeya can live through monster attacks, a failing body and color-timer death, but even he can't survive with a waist that small

  10. Because of EARTH'S POLLUTED ATMOSPHERE, Ultraman can only maintain his gigantic form for 3 minutes! Time is running out...

  11. Still waiting for the Cosmos trilogy in Blu-ray. DVD's understandable for the series, but you can't expect me to believe that movies they were willing to release in cinemas can't have a 1080p transfer

  12. He's the main reason why i decided to watch Nexus for 5 times

  13. Well, if you're ever interested in a sixth round with better visuals...

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