1. Honestly I would even be happy with the "sell all non-favorite" option

  2. I like ESB. Good ones are hard to find.

  3. Haha unfortunately, no. It's a nickname I got back in my partying days 😅 One of my friends spoonerized my name to make it "Brick Nanson" and somehow that devolved into Brick Nasty

  4. Holy shit i think thats mine. Its at the entrance to the shed right? You are on PC.

  5. Would you guys say slaughter runs are best for farming cool top tier guns at level 72? Would I have to do it at mayhem 10 bc that destroys me!

  6. If you're just looking for random drops, slaughter is perfect. MH11 may make it a tad easier than MH10 btw. If you're farming for specific items though, it's usually better to farm their dedicated drops. Of course, depending on your relationship with RNGsus, you could always find your perfect loot literally anywhere in the game.

  7. Oh is MH11 better/easier overall as I do side missions n farm bosses n such? I'm going to try a fl4k fade away build but I hear it's best w specific gear n all.

  8. It removes the modifiers but keeps enemies at MH10 health/damage/etc. while also maintaining MH10 loot bonuses (despite what the game says - its been tested ad nauseum and they're definitely the same loot multipliers). That way you don't have to suffer through those 4 potentially brutal modifiers but still get all the maxed out loot and exciting combat!

  9. On kill from a Remnant Orb, spawn a Blessed Orb that increases Amara's weapon damage by 150% for 20 seconds.

  10. Cool, I only learnt moze because she was my main when I originally played the game but now I’m replaying and maining amara so thank you

  11. Tbh I was 100% being a smart-ass, but I'm glad to have helped regardless. Lol. I hope you enjoy your Amara playthrough! She's a lot of fun and can use a pretty solid array of guns at end game. Melee Amara will forever be my favorite Amara.

  12. Ope, didn't realize it was modded. Sorry about that, thanks for clarifying

  13. I've never felt such a strange mixture of happiness and jealousy

  14. Most people on this sub will agree that the story is booty. The Calypsos are super annoying and the teenage angst of Ava gets under a lot of people’s skin. However, the diversity of builds and the actually game play is a big upgrade from BL2. Don’t get me wrong I’m currently playing through BL2 for like the 20th time and enjoy the hell out of it. The gameplay just feels more polished and the guns and anointments can add to the synergy of your build.

  15. This is the correct answer. The DLC even has some incredibly meaningful story for longtime BL2 fans. It's worth every bit of time/money, and I wholeheartedly agree with every sentiment expressed here.

  16. Oh man, now I really need to make an imperial rauchbier called "Rauschbeer" 😅

  17. Oof. What a time to hit a Traunt fight in TVHM. If you're on ps4, I'd be happy to help you clear it. Otherwise, the event will be over on November 4th.

  18. Bruh, that's awesome! Such a huge accomplishment in this game! I remember my first successful takedown - only took me 4 different characters and literal years of playing the game somewhat regularly. Since then I've actually managed to one-shot every phase of both takedowns, including both halves of the Maliwan one at once. Lol. You're well on your way!


  20. RIP in pepperoni, my dude. The last ones are pretty nice

  21. Ok, rest is over! Now get out there and help with the community sniper kills!

  22. Sounds like it's time to bring back the good ol' Fettuccine Fl4k. Let's do this, fam.

  23. Iron bear rocketeer moze build. You can solo all content and takedowns in true takedown mode and you don’t even have to shoot.

  24. No idea if ps4/ps5 can play together, but if so, I'm in!

  25. I'll let other Zane mains go more into detail, but two skills will always be better than the grenade throwing. I believe the current Zane meta is that shield + MNTIS, but i personally always enjoyed the Clone. It dishes out major damage on Mayhem 10.

  26. Clone is nice if you build for it, but I never go that far into my red tree, so shield/MNTIS is definitely the better combo for me. I'm using moxsy's Boresplosion build, so I really don't need any more damage from the clone 😅 The mobility would be nice, but I already run/slide so fast that it feels comparable

  27. What you're gaining in waiting so long FAR outweighs what little you missed. The improvements they've made, the DLC, and a lot of other changes have made the game into the polished work it is today. Anything you missed will also likely be back in future events, so if you stick around you'll get the best of both worlds!

  28. I used to use this exact revolter for my one-shot kickcharger/toboggan Zane. It absolutely increases one shot potential and can be fun for trick shots and such, but as others have said, you'll be much better off with ASE shield break

  29. I suppose either works, depending on the character. I just said ASE because I'm used to having it on my Zane and Fl4k builds (which use the MNTIS cannon and rakk abilities respectively, so ASE is perfect for me)

  30. Do you use cloud saves or a USB?

  31. Normally cloud, but I have a hard drive attached to my ps4 that could probably function the same as a USB. Why do you ask?

  32. Wanted to know if there was a noticeable speed difference between the two on PS4 and whether it was worth getting a dedicated USB/hard drive

  33. Tbh I'm probably not the right person to ask. My ancient ps4 (the Darth Vader special edition from the original Battlefront release) struggles in so many ways that I don't think I could reliably compare the two 😅

  34. Actually I main Zane lol. Zane is great for most gunplay but ik Moze has awesome splash damage perks!

  35. That's awesome! I've been maining Zane lately with moxsy's Boresplosion build.

  36. I got a few from jackbot. If you got a fast farming build, that farm is really good; there’s 5-7 chests and eridium in the loot room too.

  37. I'll give that a shot too. I'm pretty sure I can nearly one-shot jackbot, but I forget how many phases he has tbh 😅

  38. Yeah he has a few. But if you can one shot each phase and clear the few boys that spawn in between, it’s a fast farm. Def one of my favorite farms.

  39. I could def one shot each phase, so I'll try it out! I wonder if a lucky plaguebearer shot could clear two phases

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