Better Call Saul cast on Walk of Fame Ceremony

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  1. I appreciated the symbolism, but didn't Walt leave the watch on a pay phone somewhere?

  2. That was in the finale, this takes place during the previous episode

  3. I think Kanan himself said that Ezra's abilities grow faster than he can teach them, I believe Ezra has more potential than Kanan but as of now Kanan is more refined by virtue of having more experience, that might change when/if we see Ezra again though.

  4. And that is a very accurate representation of who those two are deep down.

  5. I don't think Jimmy is like that deep down, with Chuck's death we know he was deeply hurt, Jimmy was just better at hiding it under his new Saul Goodman persona which I think is his coping mechanism.

  6. Wasn’t Jesse in the process of beating the living shit out of Saul? I believe he was lying.

  7. No, he said that he didn't know a kid would end up in the hospital to Walter at the beginning of Season 5, the Jesse stuff was later.

  8. In terms of potential he had the potential to be one of the most powerful force users in canon.

  9. Well, Last Jedi's biggest problem was that it was made on the basis of an Abrams movie, which is not very good at creating the world. I have no illusions that if Rian had done the first part of the trilogy, it would have been much better overall.

  10. Not to mention that the last sequel was an Abrams movie again, so any promise or possible continuation for Rian's ideas got thrown out the window. We just needed one vision.

  11. Congratulations to who has become (in my opinion) the most nuanced character in the BB/BCS universe.

  12. The worst part is that even with the cheap makeup, Jason Isaacs would be able to pull it off, at least his face structure is similar.

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