1. That goes both ways though- nuclear power companies have a financial incentive to overplay the dangers of fossil fuels.

  2. But which industry has the greater economic power to push these narratives?

  3. Not until there’s substantial enough evidence. Then, it’s no longer a conspiracy theory.

  4. I dont think so. I heard about Canada refusing treatment to people but instead offering them assisted suicide.

  5. Both insurance companies and governments refuse healthcare to people. It’s an unfortunate reality of trying to keep costs low.

  6. Sounds like a problem specific to single-payer healthcare systems. Other countries have gotten around this issue by simply mandating everyone to buy private insurance and subsidizing low-income households who can’t afford it.

  7. Any study looking at whether healthcare is "equitable" is going to rank systems that are more free market low.

  8. Would you mind giving me an example of when a free market healthcare system has worked?

  9. The United States, to the extent that it's free market. I have access to the best physicians, I can quickly obtain diagnostic studies, if I need a specialist I don't have to wait weeks or months to get in for an appointment.

  10. Those wait-time issues are mostly just specific to some single-payer healthcare systems, like Canada. Not all countries with universal healthcare suffer from the same issue.

  11. In America, he would be called a radical leftist just for his stance on healthcare /s

  12. Completely eliminating private health care actually is radical. Most countries with universal healthcare also have private healthcare.

  13. Single-payer is not that uncommon but it would be a huge change if implemented in the U.S..

  14. Why is Vancouver the most votes option? There’s so much crime and theft there

  15. It ranks high on lists like “most livable cities” by the Economist

  16. Unfortunanely, i agree. The people fear socialism so much because of intelectually dishonest propaganda

  17. And after 50+ years of climate change activism, fossil fuel usage just keeps going up. Can’t trump the powerful and wealthy.

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