1. She not a copycat when the persons you are saying she is a coping changed her face and skin tone and just happens to sometimes look like someone that did’t lmfao.

  2. Ok #1 Chaney fan we get it. She is the first person to do everything and everyone just copies her. Hollywood's biggest a-list star is Chaney Jones. Fine? Now please stop msging me

  3. Lmfao. I mean you can ride Kim’s strap all you want but she is far from the first to do many things.

  4. Weird because having this shit around would make me depressed.

  5. I like pops of color, but too much, "noise" def messes with my ADHD. So I get why some aspects of this design works for certain ppl.

  6. Why is she back in her, "throw everything at the wall and see what sticks" era!?!? I thought you where passed this Kim!

  7. I have always wondered why they haven't dated. They seem to have so much love for each other and are always supporting each other.

  8. I know everyone thinks he is hot but he looks like a greasy molli dealer to me lol.

  9. He also posted a lot of Michelle laff. I think he just posts things he finds interesting like it’s a mood board lol.

  10. that was my first thought bc didn’t she just confirm that he’s a part of the some of the inspiration behind skims

  11. I think this is about adidas based on the other posts but I wouldn’t put it past them. I think it is a bad idea for both of them. Someone gonna catch feelings (ye) and it will go side ways quick lol.

  12. Generally he isn’t fully wrong. Specifically he lacks nuance lol.

  13. Who is sending their kids to this "school"?

  14. I read that a few celebs kids go there, and that something like 80% of the kids are there on scholarships.

  15. You're thinking of Beulah McLoyd. She was a former Chicago teacher and principal and the executive director at Donda but she quit. Her statement is pretty telling:

  16. Amazing. Thank you! I was looking at way back for like an hr trying to find her name.

  17. She’s about to release his rage on her and he is not smart enough to realize he plays into the hands of those he is trying to get back at. What a set up. Kanye is pitiful! He is being played and will continue to be played. His arrogance will not allow him to stand back and control it for his own sake.

  18. I love Candice. I really hope this is not true :(

  19. I don’t know if it is or not but her and ye been cool for like 10 years and I’ve heard enough stories of ye literally having women (models) back at this hotel and him just working the entire night to not assume they where hooking up lol

  20. Yikes. Not to mention the school is unaccredited:

  21. - From what I know a lot of private schools have NDAs. Not sure why. NDAs in general are weird to me

  22. High profile private schools have them to keep the kids private lives private. Without it you could have parents going to the media talking about celebrity kids who go to school with their child. An NDA gives high profile kids privacy & security which is a big reason why these kids are being sent to these schools.

  23. Oh that is interesting. Ok so that makes sense to me for sure. Didn’t even think of that.

  24. He’s not the ceo or on board he can’t control it which is why he is angry , most people would be happy with the check but clearly the check doesn’t satisfy him

  25. I think the deal was suppose to be, "at gap prices" which is something he has wanted for like 10 years.

  26. I feel like she'd more realistically end up dating a music producer or music exec, what is she on talking about neurosurgeons and biochemists 💀

  27. biochemists def don't be making the money Kimmy needs her man to make.

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