1. The Pro Bowl is nothing but a glamour pickup game anymore. Literally who cares unless it earns someone a contract bonus? Not like these guys were voted in as more than alternates (EVEN THOUGH THEY SHOULD’VE BEEN).

  2. I care because it will mean our guys get more well deserved recognition.

  3. He won pro-bowl MVP when he played as an alternate, not taking about Super Bowl MVP. The point is illustrating that it literally doesn’t matter because the pro-bowl has become meaningless

  4. Our entire offense is designed to suit Goff's strengths. He is staying long term and haters can kiss my (and the goof troop's) ass.

  5. Asking me why I am curious about Saudi Arabia is pretty stupid; I am allowed to be curious about the world and your country is currently actively encouraging tourism.

  6. The clergy never had authority to overrule the monarchy, they had authority to impose some laws and restrictions but not anymore

  7. No we are engaged and still are till date but we don’t announce every thing we do to support we like to take the route of actually taking some action in the UN unlike some countries form the area whom they just like to talk. Plus if I may add as westerner you never realized the amount of hate non GGC countries have towards the GGC even thou we are their biggest supporters they believe we are profit for the Palestine case. To sum be the hate that we have a strong economy and how they fucked theirs.

  8. Guys we don't have the cap space for these moves lol.

  9. I’d rather keep the Chiefs off the schedule

  10. On both the failure to get out of bounds and the failure to get two feet in bounds, Schultz looked like he wasn't even trying lol.

  11. In Dak's defense, it is pretty impressive and maybe even historical to lead the league in INTs while missing five games.

  12. My god that was a bad throw on 2nd down by Dak. The route was designed to go deep and then in - kind of like a post - and he throws it outside lmao.

  13. I should add that I think we are better right than all the teams that made the playoffs in the NFC other than the Eagles and Niners. But we don't deserve to have made it because we did not win enough games.

  14. This drive is four-down territory even if the Giants end up with a fourth-down deep into their territory. Have to score a TD here for a comeback to be plausible.

  15. Rooting for the Giants, but god was that a good throw by Hurts.

  16. And we sucked at the beginning of the season (we started 1-6).

  17. The most emotional moment was the win last year over the Vikings. Like OP, I literally cried a bit when I saw Goff and Dan hug after the walk-off .

  18. AG is a good coach and I believe he will turn around the defense next year (a turnaround that already started this year). But nobody is going to hire the DC of the 32nd ranked defense.

  19. If we re-sign Chark, Jameson develops as expected, and we either draft Bijan OR Swift finally stays healthy . . .

  20. This guy talked shit about the Lions all season—dismissed our first win over them as a fluke—and got his ass swept by them in the last game of the season, at his house, when we had nothing to play for.

  21. Cards are a mess. Kyler is not it, yet they are pot-committed to sticking by him.

  22. If we re-sign DJ and draft Bijan Robinson with the 18th overall pick, we can be like the 1999-2001 Rams.

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