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  1. Sorry for poor formatting, I don’t really know how Reddit posts work very well

  2. What a wonderful thing to do in such an awful time. Thank you!

  3. took me far too long to realize this is a loop

  4. Well I’ve never won anything in my life so might as well add to that list

  5. The reason Saitama is so strong with only doing minimum training is because of a concept of “personal limiters.” Every being in the universe has a limit to their strength and Saitama’s was very low so when he started his training, it broke allowing for him to be infinitely powerful. Edit: Apparently in the original this is completely cannon and I love it.

  6. thats not a fan theory at all. it’s dr Genus’ (of the House of Evolution) explanation/theorizing on Saitama’s power. it’s not in the redraw yet, but it’s in ONE’s original webcomic, in the “Fall of Hero Association” arc. it’s canon.

  7. I had no idea it was true! Thanks for telling me

  8. The whole picture reminds me of a breath of the wild. Great painting👍

  9. Being drunk and sober me stopping drunk me from doing dumb things I wanna do

  10. Damn this song is so bittersweet to me because my best friend who went off to the marines showed me it and since he’s in boot camp I can’t talk to him for a while. Still a great song tho

  11. My girlfriend broke up with me saying she didn’t have time to keep trying our long distance relationship

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