1. I'd love an old offset dumper. The only one's I've seen IRL are rusted out and sitting in a yard. But they look damn cool.

  2. Half or offset, I have only ever seen offset cabs being used for dumpers, I have seen half cabs being used for those mobile excavator things and flatbeds with a crane/lift

  3. When I said p3, I meant the P3, the L188 looks like a flying dick, almost as much as the B-36

  4. I think either me or hops are going to win, too cold I’d imagine for the rest of you yet

  5. I don't play on PC, on console it's the same button that destroys it though

  6. The plural of trench is "trenches". What you did here is the possessive form. Edit: unfortunate and timely typo lol

  7. My grandfather was based at Kadena for most of his service, a short stint at Kunsan until the war was over, then he was sent to Homestead, where he stayed until 85

  8. I have a clk320. At that age all the bushes will prob need doing. Maybe engine mounts. And some sensors and EGR valve will need replacing but otherwise they are a very solid smooth car. Also my sunroof gets stuck open and the power seats are a bit dodgy. Also they require the trans oil and filter to be changed every 60k

  9. He has only ever drove it as a weekend/occasional track car, all the stuff you mentioned had either

  10. It sounds like the buildings owner went bust or something, here’s two

  11. In a perfect world I'd pick 10 gauge but in this world I pick 12 due to load offerings and availability

  12. The only gun shop where I live, happens to keep large amounts of 16 gauge shells in stock, often for cheaper than 12, which is my other reason for using it

  13. Seems there's been a resurgence in 16 gauge ammunition. Now if only we had the load options like a 12 gauge.

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