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  1. I’m so sick of listening to trust fund white dudes talking about how “easy it is” to make money

  2. Good thing I’m an adult so I can juul playing Fortnite as much as I want

  3. I had a follow-up joke to my question but I forgot it. That’s my bad. I dropped the ball on this one

  4. Like everyone else said, the mini gs will suit him fine. Only drawback (to me) is accessing the eyes. You have to disassemble the frame from the body, then take the air transfer plate off to reach it. With a proper loader and some regular maintenance, it shouldn’t be a problem. Realistically the only time eyes will get dirty is if you’re chopping in the breach. But a good loader will fix that.

  5. I’ll be masturbating later. Haven’t decided to what yet

  6. What the fuck is two thousand eight hundred thirteen thousand?

  7. That dude is a certified knob. Sorry that happened to you.

  8. 68/4500 no doubt. You’ll wanna upgrade to carbon fiber eventually, so save yourself the trouble.

  9. Love me some goddamn Proto Matrix. My PM6 UL is still my favorite shooter.

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