1. If Steve and Jay were there, you'd have all of the PCMR Avengers assembled.

  2. And here I am trying to not take up the limited Diesel pumps when there are gasoline pumps available....

  3. I’m in Arkansas and even the hogs here recognize they’re a medical emergency. I can’t imagine anyone actually thinks otherwise and I’m scared to look for myself.

  4. New rangers are cool, but their a sports like car now. Meant for being fast, not being a truck. Their not trucks like the old utility rangers, could be used for anything.

  5. The new ones are more capable than the old ones, but they’re just bigger and more expensive. They’re loaded down with features, rather than spared only the minimalist loadout.

  6. More capable because of advances in engineering.

  7. It’s all sales and market demand driven.

  8. Ya, remember those balloons you had that floated away?…

  9. I love Tron Legacy. I feel that it’s under rated. Maybe Daft Punk is half the reason for me, but I love the fictional universe of infinite digital seas and time coupled with that music. Plus the movie execution was good IMO.

  10. Okay, when, Greg? This sure wasn’t 2020, but maybe it could have been Reagan’s last election. Or was it 100 years ago?

  11. Lobbying = legal bribery in America, btw.

  12. Where I grew up, I was told by other kids that anyone who wasn’t a Christian was straight up going to hell. It was a lot harder for me to reconcile with the implication that the ~66% of people on earth who weren’t Christians were automatically burning in hell.

  13. I watched debates and ministry videos from Wretched TV, one of the few that consistently goes on college campuses to “witness” and debate shamelessly and unironically, and I love how every discussing devolves into the pastor saying “well if I’m right then you’ll suffer for eternity, and if you’re right then we’ll both be none the wiser or worse off”. ITS SUCH A SCAMMY TACTIC!

  14. My dad taught me how to rebuild gas engines of every size - weed eater to V8 5.9L. I already picture myself teaching my kids how to repack rechargeable battery packs and continuity test instead, and I’m not sure I’m going to miss ICE engines, they’re such a mess.

  15. Unfortunately, ads are tied to the subs. People’s patience with ads run out quick.

  16. I'd be caught looking, as I would make it a point to stare at her as I'm disinfecting the machine she was just on.

  17. Would you say it was “tainted”?

  18. I want the hybrid version. I just need a fuel-supper with the smaller truckbed, it’s perfect.

  19. I recognized the doctor as the president from Command and Conquer Red Alert 2, lol

  20. NICE catch! I knew he looked familiar!!

  21. I mean, there’s always Jeep Wrangler. I’m sure your friends will accept the compromise if you cover it in mountain and trail stickers.

  22. Dang good. Immediately thought of Indiana Jones 1.

  23. The Mavrick did it’s job protecting you. If you were in an older, classic compact pickup it might be a different story. Glad you’re okay.

  24. Glad you’re okay. The Mavrick did it’s job. Had you have been driving another compact truck, you might not have been so fortunate.

  25. You still have flexibility, from the individual’s level all the way up. You could still get panels and batteries and make your own “gas” at home. Your local power companies can form a coop, your local cities can form a power coop. Your state or federal government can make public power companies or subsidize while implementing price controls.

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