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  1. The leaves are purple and the peppers did not get bigger for the last 3 weeks!

  2. How do you do that!? I Have the beta but i don’t get the full size album art

  3. Tap on the cover in the mini player to make it full size, tap on full size cover to put it back into the mini player.

  4. Thanks ! I’ll post another picture when i get there!

  5. My 40kw Leaf starts at 46kw then drops to 10 in 15 minutes. Even if my last fast charge was 6 months ago.

  6. I've tried Smoke Show Hot Sauce, but I haven't seen this one in Ottawa yet. I'll keep my eyes open, because I love supporting Canadian businesses.

  7. The ones in the back is a new buisness. They started like 3 months ago and the guy is a chef. They tasted so good! Hope they expand 😀

  8. There was a local market and two stands that made hot sauce and let’s just say that I cannot control myself!!

  9. La chanson thème de l’émission Dossiers Mystère.

  10. I used 93% of battery for a 100km drive following the speed limit while I was using only 60% 3 years agi with the same conditions.

  11. I'm in the same exact situation you are. In fact, check my post history for recent questions here about rapid charge loss and rapidgating.

  12. Oh damn. That sucks. Dealership says everything is fine but I don't know what to do with that.

  13. Assuming you're in the US, far too many Nissan dealerships know fuckall about the Leaf, and don't care to educate themselves. You get more insight posting here from people who care enough about the car to learn as much about them.

  14. I'm in Quebec, Canada. But yeah. They know more about selling you the car than anything else.

  15. I'm gonna use 50$ and give the other 50$ to another person so they can buy a game too! ☺️

  16. ah man, I've had yours done for like a day and just forgot to reply with the link!

  17. Hmm, that's a tricky one! I feel like the games I like most get talked about at least a bit. I'll mention a few.

  18. Wow! Someone else who knows Pichenottes! That's awesome. My uncles always had a dusty old board somewhere in their basements ready to play!

  19. Well! I'm in Montréal! When we were at my uncle's house or at my grandparents, we would always play in the basement. I will definitely check Lee Valley! Thanks!!

  20. Except they don't control CanadaPost and CanadaPost has a 1 to 2 days backlog since 2-3 weeks ago. So don't expect anything before Friday or Monday :/ At least where I live (Montreal, QC). Toronto area might be still able to hit Nov 12th as they depart Mississauga.

  21. Says who? My last 3 orders (one still pending) says otherwise... CanadaPost support also confirmed me that because of the Holiday season, they are experiencing delays of up to 3 days.

  22. Says the supervisor of the biggest depot in Quebec located in Montreal! I'm in charge of every parcels that comes in at my depot and I can tell you that, no, we do not have backlog.

  23. Well, technicaly, yes. But remove the "E" and add one or two more "S" and you're really pissed off 😉

  24. Yes. We do like religious swears. Tabarnak. 🤦🏻‍♂️

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