1. I wanted a Merlin so badly, but never got one! I wonder if you can still buy them?

  2. Yes! I bought a working one in a thrift store a few years back and have also seen them on eBay.

  3. Excellent, I'll have a look for one!

  4. I remember those milk bottles in infant school… actual glass bottles that were a miniature version of a pint bottle. I always used to cut my finger ramming it through the foil top

  5. And there was the cream on top of the milk- ahh those days before they homogenized the milk!

  6. Oh, happy birthday Robin! I think your friend is right, I can clearly see the birthday cake heiroglyph there!

  7. I love how they bite each other, but not too hard! Your house is beautifully clean, whenever my cats used to go under the furnoture, they always emerged covered in cobwebs!

  8. This charity helped me to make a complaint against my GP and local mental heath services. They helped me to write a complaint, and told me who to send the complaint to. They were supportive every step of the way and advised me on further action.

  9. I am really disappointed how the government chose to tackle smoking, but not drinking. It's really difficult for yourg people to get into smoking- no advertisments so there's no knowledge of brand names, and the tobacco products are kept behind a shutter in shops. So unless you have always smoked and know what to ask for, it's tricky to buy.

  10. If you want to kill those sims, use cheat to kill by satellite while they’re in your household. That way, you can get rid of them and also get money from selling the satellite

  11. Thank you for the suggestion! And I appreciate the honesty about the deletion, tbh I'm also in two minds about it even though it does seem to be okay to delete Sims. It's been ingrained in me to never do that 😅 think I'd rather kill them off lol.

  12. There's a lot of 'Oh no! You've corrupted your neighbourhood!' posts around, usually from well-meaning people, but slightly misinformed. Really the only way to corrupt your neighbourhood (cause data loss) would be to manually delete a character file (as in, take the file out of your Diocuments/ EA Games/ Sims 2 folder) or to partially overwrite the neighbourhood files. In-game, there isn't much you could do to really break things, although if you were to move all the sims from one neightbourhood to another, things could get pretty messy. But deleting the odd sim is fine, and the game creators added mechanics to deal with this, as well as moving sims between hoods.

  13. I love this map! Did you make it? Really cool city.

  14. 1970s me would have been so envious of those shirts! (2022 me is a little envious, too!)

  15. https://giphy.com/gifs/eM1cFVhfCvtIbipknG

  16. Very cool, has all the essentials, and plenty of room to move around and not get stuck.

  17. I'll be a royal guard- defending Houdini, since the first post that was made!

  18. Well, that was one way to get the enemy out of home territory! Clever Houdini!

  19. I wondered how that in picture 15 could be the name of the lord of the grave. I've looked into the matter and maybe it's also interesting for one or the other here.

  20. Thank you! I was on the fence about going to the show because of issues getting good seats/ the venue is kinda crooked.

  21. I think you had great seats; part of the fun of seeing a band live is watching the crowd too!

  22. Wonderful video, I was on the floor when I saw them, but I do love to be on the sides of the arena to see the crowd reaction! Thanks for posting.

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