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  1. My mind is a bit heretical so I'll say this

  2. UK here. I'm not sure if things have changed since I was younger, but coffee only became a thing around university age. People were drinking alcohol regularly before coffee! Plenty of milk tea and soda though.

  3. I've got a whole list of Izuku x Rare Pair fics that I enjoyed,

  4. I prefer when things are kept vague, rather than directly referencing current culture. It seems pretty common in BNHA fanfiction to reference watching Avengers, Disney movies or similar, when it would've been long forgotten by that point. Personally, it breaks immersion for me.

  5. I kinda hate how much hate boner the fic community and the fandom itself has for Mineta.

  6. I'm not familiar with Meliodas, but for the others, it may because they have redeeming features and more depth.

  7. That's the problem, people find the others likable even with their perverted Nature, Jiraiya actively spies on naked women in his free time, Mineta got a few gropes here and there and everyone hates him.

  8. I don't like him, but I do think that the Mineta hate is overboard. He's gets it worse than the actual villains (or Bakugo, who is terrible to Izuku).

  9. The Blue Yoshi from Super Mario World. All hail the flying Yoshi.

  10. Honestly, I think that the amount of gay pairings in MHA is because of the writing of the girls. Personally, I don't like almost any of them aside from Tsu or perhaps Uraraka. They seem bland or so overly sexualised you can't take them seriously. The guys seem to have more personality overall.

  11. I expect that's part of it, but I don't think it's purely that.

  12. I posted a topic on a related issue a while ago that you might get some ideas from

  13. I've always like the few where he has a telekinetic quirk. Though they often seem to include a One Punch Man crossover, which I'm not hugely familiar with.

  14. A simple change would be to have third years and teachers volunteer to act as villains for people with non-robot-combative quirks, and maybe some sort of opt-in test for people whose quirks are useful but have no combative benefit, maybe judged by Aizawa, Nezu, and a quirk researcher who may be able to determine how else the quirk could be applied. Maybe have this test done a year ahead to give them a chance to further develop their skills?

  15. I like the idea of having the third-years involved in some capacity. It'd also make a nice opening to introducing them early in the story or having some student mentoring going on.

  16. I'm sure it could be picked apart, but my idea is that I'd break it down into four sections and run it over several days:

  17. I need to find more good fics with it, but I really like Izuku x Nejire. I can just see her latching onto something interesting about Izuku and dragging the introvert along for the ride with her overflowing energy. I like Izuku x Mina for similar reasons.

  18. A few things come to mind if it's being taken as a serious fic.

  19. An All Might that trains Izuku well and takes much more time in being a mentor.

  20. To be fair, as far as "The danger of villains," goes there really isn't anyone that can hold a candle to One For All's power outside of All For One's purview, and most of his men went into hiding when it was thought that All Might 86'd him. A.M. had pretty good reason to be lax with Izuku's training, as the only real threat to the mantle of the Symbol of Peace was thought to be pushing up daisies.

  21. I think this makes a reasonable amount of sense, but only up until the USJ. Seeing something with multiple quirks appear is enough that it's time to kick it into high gear. This is a hint of the man who made All Might himself flee the country for years.

  22. I do think some take it too far in making All Might terrible or making him far better than canon, but that there are some valid arguments to the shame directed towards him.

  23. I put this on my list too, but it was really surprisingly good. I'm not usually much of a fan of smut fics, but this one does really stand out for those factors you mentioned.

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