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  1. I feel people like your daughter will never see a need to change until she's hit rock bottom, maybe not even then. You've got to let her fall. At some point M wont catch her either, and with any luck she may be forced to reflect on her own outlook and seek help/change. I agree with everyone saying to go no contact and distance your family from her/M as much as possible, even if it takes moving and changing your kids schools.

  2. Nothing major happened to me- my dad would just squeeze my shoulder too hard and it hurt, and he didn't listen when I told him to be gentler- but I've still grown up to be very selective about touch and affection. I feel wrong saying "I love you" to family, I don't like to hug people except my partner, and I feel anxious anytime my dad is close enough to be able to touch me, with anxiety that he'll hurt me again. Last year (age 26), when he squeezed my shoulder, I slapped his hand away and sharply said "Don't touch me.". He looked shocked and offended, but he did finally stop. I wish I was able to do that when I was younger so that maybe I could trust the people around me to respect my boundaries, rather than fearing my voice and wants would always be ignored.

  3. When I’m running low I usually do this in a private game for both core generators. Knock out some daily’s while waiting for them to produce and fast travel back and forth. Get about 40 or so before I switch back to public servers

  4. I've never used the power plants, how often should cores be collected on a private server? Is there a cap to how many it'll hold (like with water purifiers)?

  5. Never. Don’t give anyone nudes. It’s just not a great idea all around especially in this day and age. Yeah

  6. If you do share nudes (and are worried about them getting out), make sure you hide or remove any identifiable features from the photos. Your face especially, tattoos, maybe even moles/freckles and scars if you want to feel extra secure about it. Modify them enough that you can deny that it's you if need be.

  7. A couple years ago, I witnessed a yellow jacket take off with a whole piece of dog kibble.

  8. Sometimes it helps me to wipe under my boobs with a baby wipe or micellar(sp?) water a couple times a day just to help keep the area cleaner. If it's yeast acting up because of the heat/sweat, keeping the area clean as well as dry is an essential for me, it seems like the redness clears up faster that way? I usually also wear a tank top under my shirt so I can just kinda tuck the tank top under my boobs to dry up the sweat- not as restrictive as a bra so it's more comfortable, but definitely something to only do at home haha.

  9. If it makes you feel better, I didn't feel anything when my grandma died. I didn't feel very attached to her while she was alive, so I forgive myself for not mourning. And it's not that she was a bad person either - we just didn't click, and her outdated values kept me distant from her.

  10. I only like to read on my ipad or phone. I dont like physical books. Idk why but its what works for me

  11. I've noticed that I never seem to find a comfortable position to read in when it comes to physical books. Flipping the pages is tedious, holding the book up is tedious. If I'm reading an article or fanfiction on my PC it's a lot easier to get sucked into both due to comfort and due to the fact that I can be familiar with the media and know more or less what to expect. Committing to a novel is terrifying because I have no idea if I'll even care for the characters or plot.

  12. Heh, after 3.5k hours, I still barely know what to do in Project Paradise. Like, I know in theory what to do but when I'm actually there I just get lost and spend the whole time unsuccessfully looking for kelp or something...

  13. I always get completely lost during project paradise, no idea how to navigate the area. I usually just pick another player to follow around and grind the same area as them, then escort the creature with a flamer + friendly fire and don't stray. Otherwise, I'll just uselessly walk in circles for half the event trying to leave a room!

  14. I've started skipping it if I've already run eviction notice the same day, because I'm already nearly encumbered with legendaries and don't need more.

  15. Sometimes when I feel that way it helps to do something I normally never do, like visiting an unfamiliar part of town or trying a new art medium (even something easier like finger painting or food decorating works). For me, it often comes with a feeling like I'm trapped and restless, and everything is too familiar and routine. My music is to familiar, my shows are too familiar, my hobbies are too familiar, everything gets too predictable and I can't invest in any of it! I imagine it's sort of the same feeling that urges people to impulsively take a trip to another country.

  16. Hm this is interesting. I’m very sedentary so going out is a challenge in its self, but maybe that’s just what I need

  17. Yes, I'm pretty introverted and a homebody myself, and prefer staying home and playing video games with close friends. For me, checking out thrift stores is usually a hit because there's new stuff at them every time I go, and I might find some cheap treasures. Hanging out at a park across town while playing Pokémon go or jurassic world alive on my phone is also nice and lets me get my gaming fix while also breaking my routine.

  18. See if there is a low cost spay/vaccine clinic in your area. Any time we've rescued kittens off of the street we take them there. Usually costs us $100 per kitten here and the bulk of that is usually the spay/neuter.

  19. Adding to this, I believe my local humane society runs a cheap spay/neuter program, so it's worth checking with your local shelters as well to see if they offer such.

  20. I usually hit up blood eagle locations (fav being sludge works) and look for ones using energy weapons. If you see one that uses a gat plasma, you've hit the jackpot, but really any of them will charge you more consistently than a protectron since their aim is better. I like to seek out (and single out) the gat plasma using ones though. If you go to the food tab and sort by spoil, then tab over to ammo, it'll put your most depleted cores at the top for quick replacing (keeping the spoil sorting even though that's not typically available in the ammo tab). I face the enemy head on and step out mid shot so I don't lose any charge, since the PA frame will block them from shooting me, transfer a new core in real quick, and hop back in. It's been way more efficient than robots in my experience (just beware of molotovs). Many blood eagle locations have cores to pick up as well (sludge works has two sitting in a box on a dock, and one PA spawn, for a total of 3).

  21. S/O to you for saying don’t pick a diet! That is so important… yes to that. Gentle nutrition is most important- I’m pretty active these days and I eat when I’m hungry / add more things in. You don’t need to restrict any food groups (except sugar is probably best kept to a dessert or two per week.) eat your carbs! You’ll need them. Your brain needs them. Drink lots of water… don’t force or “should” yourself to workout or eat a certain way because you don’t like yourself, because that isn’t sustainable or healthy. Find movement that you enjoy, try new things, skateboarding is actually a great workout, do things like this to take care of yourself & strengthen your mind & body.

  22. Diet changes can be very fun without being "a diet", too. I've been expanding my food library, trying new vegetables and cooking methods. Fairly recently tried blanching a bunch of different vegetables, learned to make tilapia without drying it out, and started eating more squash and cucumber. Next items on my "to try" list are bok choy, vegan mac and cheese (those recipes that use pureed cashews and nutritional yeast), and look into more recipes using sweet potatoes (which are packed with vitamins). Healthy food doesn't need to mean salad!

  23. Have you ever met a wolf spider, those bitches be aggressive AF.

  24. I dunno! I used to live in Nebraska when I was younger, and wolf spiders were quite common in the basement over in that house. I've never been bitten by one, and they always seemed to stay out of my way. And here in the PNW where I live now, I've seen a few and they were quite skittish.

  25. I grew up in the PNW, and we’d call wolf spider bites “zombie bites” because they could get so gnarly it looked like something took a bite out of you. Trapping it might be easier than killing it on its turf. Either that or use chemicals to kill it. Yeesh gives me the Heebie jeebies.

  26. That's super interesting, I wonder why the ones around me are so much more docile? They've always run from me on sight!

  27. The grabbing part literally never happens at least, that’s just animators being horny and wanting to see women grope each other.

  28. Not grabbing/fondling, but my high school friend group liked doing this weird boob slap thing, where they'd slap each side, then bottom up, then top down, while saying wham bam grand slam with each slap. Like, they all did this to each other as a joke.

  29. not a vet, nor have I owned a cat, but I would recommend rugs for the areas you spend the most time in!

  30. This was my thought- at least as a supplemental solution while seeking other options. Maybe even some long rugs for hallways and such, make sure she can still navigate around the house comfortably?

  31. Op, I've never witnessed a seizure, but I can't imagine feeling anything other than panic and worry during an emergency situation like that. It was probably scary for everyone around you, and the last thing they probably care about is pee or puke.

  32. I've only adopted out of personal preference (I don't want to deal with the puppy stage), but one of my frustrations with adoption is inaccurate evaluations/paperwork. Clearly mislabeled breeds, incomplete evaluation paperwork, and with two of my rescues (a dog and a cat) where the owner submitted their own biased intake the animal I brought home was entirely different than the animal I expected. First with a dog, where the previous owners labeled them as an outside quiet dog who was low maintenance but when she came home she would bark constantly while outside and fight me anytime she needed to go out (ended up rehoming because she was a poor fit) and seemed to obviously dislike being alone outside, then with my cat who I still have- her prev owners intake form had some of the questionable info, most notably marking the cat has having no allergies, then writing "NO FISH!!!" under her food section. Interestingly the cat has a sensitive stomach, and fish is one of the few meats she can digest easily without getting sick. And even more interesting, my worst experiences were with my humane society, while my best adopt was from the local pound.

  33. I've got a beginner tip for learning basic proportions/anatomy. Buy some tracing paper, print out some pictures of skeletons in different poses, and try to draw the body (on the tracing paper) over the skeleton. Then look at your "traced" drawing and compare that to pictures of regular people.

  34. Every time I've tried to run a silo I've either had connection issues or bugged out halfway through, and then can't pass through the grids at all. So I've never launched one either.

  35. Depends on what you're looking for. I feel like camps nearby any popular events (rad rumble, test your metal, one violent night, sbq, etc) will get a good amount of visits for the convenience if somebody is encumbered after running the event. One of mine is a bit north of the son's of Dane compound, and sometimes I have multiple visitors at the same time of varying levels (since one violent night is a newbie friendly event). Ash heap and forest are good biomes for beginners to visit, but I've seen players as low as level 9 visit my camps in the savage divide - its mostly only difficult for early players to reach the cranberry bog and the mire biomes starting out, but even that isn't too much of an issue if you join public teams (since players can fast travel to teammates camps for free, you could actually help low levels discover new locations this way).

  36. Eh, for me shotguns have always been a secondary weapon for killing things like scorched or ghouls (easy to pile up shells too), and I feel crowd control serves that purpose pretty well. For DPS I primarily use a gauss minigun while the n psychobuff.

  37. On the plus side, now you can meet new people through doggy play dates!

  38. I have a half-assed high hp PA build with decent rads protection, so I usually sprint through a tunnel to get ore, heal the npcs, clean up my rads, and repeat. Once all the ore is collected I'll go between healing npcs and tesla tagging.

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