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  1. This specific case has not yet been resolved and has lawyers familiar with firearms law working on it, including IIRC Matt from Fuddbusters.

  2. Matt is a real one! I rather trust his wording than Mrgunsngear.

  3. I don't even know who Mr Gunsngear is.

  4. It's in response to the person before you as Matt and Gunsngear likely are referring to the same person. The latter uses lotta clickbait and unreliable sources while Matt is more chill but professional and cites his sources.

  5. I'm a lesbian. If I just have a bright color, people won't get that I'm reping the community. I fly the flag all the time, because I have the luxury of doing so without fear. I do it both to attract other lesbians and for the sake of the people who can't.

  6. It's a holster. I understand telling the community, but that's literally the last thing you want others to see, even if you want other colors.

  7. It's my holster for my gun and I want a rainbow one. Only people who will see it are people at the range, my friends, and someone who fucked around and found out. I don't open carry everywhere. I do wear the flag all the time. Why the downvote? I thought liberals were openminded or can gays not have guns?

  8. That Regular Gun Guy ("PoC") from Illinois on YouTube has like 30k subscribers (a lot for a relatively new channel) and has not even mentioned this. He has the rapper Twista, also from Illinois, on his channel too who has even more of a reach. These crooked politicians need to hear from these pro 2A bIack voices. I don't get it.

  9. Imma look up his channel now! I had heard Twista come up and even come at my gun range.

  10. Representation is important. They all think one thing when they think of a gun owner, and unfortunately I fit that description. They need to see the voters (very important part of all of this, the VOTERS not citizens) of groups they're trying to court or already think they have on lock standing up to this.

  11. If you can give me a platform I'll back you up. The civil Rights Movement nor the abolition of slavery didn't work until whites got involved. Not a white thing, just a majority thing. Hand me the Mic and I'll have my say! I'm making notes on my phone for presenting. Planing to keep it 3-5 minutes tops.

  12. Oh crap I'm Dishonored as crap then. May as well play that's at then

  13. 450° is my go-to. Put it in cold, leave it for about an hour or two with the heat on, and then let it cool down. Your seasoning will be awesome. Grape seed oil is my favorite one to use.

  14. I mean yeah, cost of living was really low

  15. Women, and minorities have less rights. That unless you're a straight white male you have little to no rights. They had to make books for African Americans to use in order to avoid racist white lynchings. Irish had it slightly better as overtime they could blend in and they were accepted as white in later times. It was still legal to rape you wife.

  16. Facts don’t care about your feelings mate

  17. It's not about feelings it's consideration and context. Don't use that pathetic excuse to make Rhodesia sound like a good idea.

  18. Yep, Raifus aka T-Dolls with some minor historical visual cues is too much for them. Those types of visual cues is what makes me more interested in learning the history behind what their designs are based from.

  19. I can understand why they'd be against it as they don't know and it does look sus to the uninformed. But honestly it's that and COD that get anime fans a lot more into guns.

  20. It's foreign. Literally foreign. It's just one of those things where you don't have to like it but don't just completely shut it out.

  21. Okay now that's interesting! Likely not how fudds and war fans would want their portrayal but I guess if it was guys it would be easier, but likely wouldn't sell as easily.

  22. I'm right there with you in disagreeing with the last 2 years of legislative changes here. When the dust settles I'm going to be left with a single .22 rifle and a 12 Guage. Every piece of Trudeau legislation on the topic takes something away from me personally.

  23. Unfortunately the only ones that will help us on the firearms front (if they even do, it's a maybe) are fascist-adjacent.

  24. Before. Bizarro wanted to add members and invited Creeper without telling the gang

  25. Wait was this after the group disbanded? I don't remember this.

  26. This morning opposition was just under double. Just over 5k for, just under 10k against. I wish I could go to that meeting. I just want to point out to them over 1% of the Illinois population has filled in a slip, that's a damn large sample size where polling is concerned. And if they pass something 2/3rds of people oppose they're losing their jobs and turning this state red or at least purple next opportunity.

  27. Yes! And please don't be like that idiot who says "Mom's too ugly for action". While humorous it's that mess that gets us looked down upon.

  28. Tell them it disproportionately affects people of color because most handguns popular in urban communities hold 15 rounds. Not even joking. It worked in Chicago where they changed the mag limit from 10 to 15 rounds a few years back.

  29. Well, a LOT of democrats own firearms, and that number grew significantly in the past few years.

  30. And yet, gun owning democrats will still vote for democrat politicians who openly state they want to ban guns.

  31. If the republicans would stop pushing anti-abortion shit they might have a chance. And move away from the crazy trump crap too.

  32. If they did just two of those they'd Garner a whole lotta votes. Get rid of Mitch too even and they'd have an extremely solid base. Many minorities (elders) have conservative values but can't be willing so associate with the side that's been more open in recent decades with racist statements and policies (even though blues have; Biden, Clinton's, etc).

  33. Outta luck bud. I'm planning to make an appearance though so if you're of a liberal mindset then I suggest you come to the oral meet.

  34. Specifically the one that says “be not afraid” is humanoid looking, so the whole meme should be called biblically inaccurate angels

  35. You're not gonna have secularist listen to that doe.

  36. Am I the only one genuinely surprised by how many people are siding with the guy with the gun in that thread? I kinda assumed all the mainstream subs were auto-antigun

  37. Folks are starting to understand since Uvalde that they rather have personal responsibly than bad cops...but when a shooting happens you'll get those data and art subs depicting guns as horrible and blah blah blah.

  38. Usually I cook my pancakes at a medium to low temperature, I make sure the batter has time to create them bubbles on top, the layer that's facing you will dry up a little letting you know it's time to flip,but don't stress to much about it. It'll taste great ether way!