1. I always do it for the worst player in the server

  2. @Gobl1ns making a comment and deleting it as if I can't see you. Spoken like a true loser and acting like one too. Coward

  3. Not really karma, you're just up against players with no common sense. Which is like 90% of the players that plays duo

  4. I studied chemical engineering graduated in Dec 2019. Got into a field application role with a med device company 60k. Left after 6months for 100k job same type. Left that for 120k job + commission consulting type role in the same industry after 9mo. Left that for 130k job plus work life balance and 10k tuition reimbursement per year after 1 year in a sales engineering role. I’m 26. Working on a master in bioengineering now.

  5. Can I ask how you were able to negotiate for something like that? Sounds like you are quite successful at this. I'm asking because my employer has a two year contract I signed with sign on bonuses and relocation. If I were to move now, I would have to pay it all back. We can talk in IMs if you are willing to provide the advice.

  6. Hi! Well, to be honest I’m not sure the career strategy demonstrated in my experience is translatable to your current situation.

  7. Same state of residence? I guess has your job hopping been more positive gain when considering cost of living too? I have till October of this year then I'm a free bird

  8. your mine placements werent that good, you got lucky that the enemy team is bad enough to trip them. put them at choke points. The first mines were also wasted, since you couldve used them to score a goal by activating the mines then shooting the ball

  9. Yeah mine placement has always been difficult for me. I take that to mean you say that I should've destroyed the middle wall then?

  10. Nope, the side post is good. Kinda like with the shelly super, where you can shoot the ball then super which opens the post. Pretty op move and impossible to stop unless u just respawned.

  11. Pretty tricky timing when his mines feels like they take forever to detonate, will try this thanks

  12. Throwing a few thumbs down isn't bad you sensitive pixies. Unless in the game with this player. You would've hated Edgar in this game. And yes, he got angry bc he died multiple times. Sore losers. People who play like this are pathetic. Even when i threw a couple of thumbs isn't bad.

  13. Bro almost got team wiped by a 4 power cube buzz

  14. Yeahhh we almost blundered that. I was already pretty stressed at that point

  15. ***Bo's land mine and that was the point of the video?

  16. You are part of the reason this game is frustrating to play

  17. Or stop playing Edgar, he doesn't involve skill

  18. Why? Playing Edgar is stupid anyways ;)

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