1. The app is Strava. It is mainly a running/cycling app, but they added a windsurfing option that works great for tracking a sailboat.

  2. Wait - you are talking like a....like a.... I SEE WHAT YOU DID THERE!!!! :-)

  3. Travel would be Metro-North commuter train to Grand Central Station.

  4. I think the restaurant your thinking of is Chef Wang in Village square. My grandfather owned that spot in the 80’s

  5. Thank you for bringing this up. My friend texted me this post and I was shocked to find out some people still remember his restaurant.

  6. Came up in a family discussion. We lived in Valley Cottage and our friends in W Nyack loved the restaurant and took their friends there pretty often. (I never went though.)

  7. Watched Jolyon and that crew announce this on the F1 app broadcast and I don't think they mentioned, nor showed, Lando in the entire length of Q3.

  8. Yeh, I don't think they mentioned McLaren at all during q3, he wasn't one of the potential people sitters, but everyone else seemed to at least get mentioned

  9. Yes, they were yakking about Gasly and Magnussen quite a bit.

  10. "A Divine Language: Learning Algebra, Geometry, and Calculus at the Edge of Old Age" (by Alec Wilkinson). I had his book "The Ice Balloon" and it was OK. Just ok. This book lost my interest quickly, because it's about how clever he is, and how funny, except he's not. The historical references were sort of interesting, but they are not frequent or deep enough to warrant finishing.

  11. Commander. Response, quick passing off, height. He's a beast.

  12. And good for those who don't use FB, they will be able to add friends. Kind of levelling the playing field. We will find players reaching Arena 10 sooner than earlier now.

  13. I don't use FB...but I also don't really have any friends. Oh well!!

  14. I'm sure people will share codes in here. I have never had any friends either but got all my players to level 10 by grinding.

  15. Close. The Treo 300 (with PalmOS) was the best phone ever. Still have mine in a drawer somewhere.

  16. I thought the Treos were a bit fragile - the plastic casing seemed brittle to me. I had a 600 I think. Still have it too. Somewhere.

  17. It would be a SHAME if someone anonymously reported this, in order to ensure the safety of children, and he got boarded by USCG next time he went out. Just sayin'.

  18. Can't say where to go but I can tell you to AVOID Tarbox Nucar in N. Kingstown. Ripoff artists.

  19. I don't know who Ed is, but the guy overseeing the used car dept now, "Steve," is a total BS artist. If you think of a cartoon version of the typical "Used Car Salesman," it's literally that guy.

  20. You should go there and ask the locals about it! Maybe you will experience some old fashioned regional hospitality.

  21. I mean, I thought your comment was funny. Take my upvote

  22. Great, probably just another copy of the Voynich MS....Ho hum.

  23. First off, not everyone is going to share your opinions.

  24. Why the snark? You could just say "I disagree," and be polite, instead of the passive-aggressive comment about your dogs, etc.

  25. Or you could just not post your opinions about how you think people should do things and move on with your life.

  26. Yes, over time (many years) my migraines evolved from very light- sound- and touch-sensitive, to what you describe - can look at a screen or at least a printed page, for example, but the pain is severe...

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