1. Here's a simple naming convention that pedantic Redditors should start using:

  2. I will say that Oregon Trail pie sounds a damn sight better than anyone has any right to expect. Are you sure that isn't just a pie crust filled with dysentery?

  3. I grew up eating shepherd's pie as "browned" - actually just greyed - ground beef, with a can of corn dumped in, and instant mashed potatoes layered on, then baked as casserole until the potatoes were dry and crusty but not browned. It was... not good, but sometimes I still get nostalgic for bad shepherd's pie.

  4. Apparently the sad chili council. Man, you gotta put some stock and some salt and seasoning and onions in there (and, to my preference, a beer). I use 4 kinds of dried chilies and two kinds of fresh, all combined to make the base with some stock (and sometimes I'll blend almonds into the chili mixture to give it a little richness, works really well). It's delicious, but you need more than just meat + peppers.

  5. I presume if I add beans, a nuclear strike is instantly called in by the Sad Chili Council.

  6. If you can’t talk openly about money with your own parents, I hate to wonder what your marriage will be like. I’m not even engaged, but knowing I will to this guy likely, let my mom know and she came back a few weeks later and told me what she can contribute. It’s that easy. If she didn’t, end of the conversation, I’m an adult so it’s great she can give, but it’s not her wedding.

  7. Yes. Personally all of the "expensive" weddings I have attended have ended in divorce relatively quickly. Meanwhile my friends who had humble weddings are still happily married. There is an inverse correlation between money spent on the wedding and the success of the marriage (at least in my experience).

  8. The two most expensive weddings I have ever attended were one where the bride told me minutes before the ceremony how lonely she felt and another which was a corporate merger masquerading as a wedding.

  9. Who did the art here? Jan looks very different from what I am used to seeing. Almost like an Archie character.

  10. Someone named Dick Ayers. It's from Tales to Astonish #55.

  11. No. He will be the nominee in 2024 and lose. Then the Republicans will try it ditch him only for him to run in 2028 as an independent and he will make them lose again.

  12. I think you are underestimating the acceleration of their speedrun towards disaster.

  13. One day, it will be like a switch flipped. Just like GW Bush. There will be virtually no one who ever supported him. They will make all the same criticisms of him that were made by the opposition while he was in office that they fervently rebuked at the time. You'll get banned from "conservative" subs for even mentioning that they supported Trump. They'll refer to him as a "lifelong Democrat" and "secret liberal." They'll call him a groomer and suggest he did terrible things with Jeffrey Epstein. We knew from day one that virtually every Trump supporter would inevitably deny ever supporting him.

  14. Even when the party platform swearing personal loyalty to him is waved in their faces, they will claim they barely knew the guy.

  15. And I hope they tack a negligent homicide charge (or whatever the NC law allows) to this right-wing domestic terrorist act.

  16. Wouldn’t that be second degree murder? Idk

  17. It does vary by jurisdiction, but in most, first-degree murder is either premeditated or committed in the course of another crime.

  18. You know, if you need to search your own properties to determine what you have in your possession, you're kind of demonstrating that you don't really have control over them to begin with, yeah?

  19. Where did you hear that? I like the concept, but I've never heard that

  20. It was in one of the very early issues, like #4 or #5, pinups in the back explaining his powers.

  21. I also gain nothing by showing sympathy for a man who wants to see me and my people dead. Screw Ted Cruz and his whole fucked up family.

  22. No one asked you to show sympathy for that monster.

  23. Feel free to praise the offspring of as many monsters as you like. Forget about all the times that monster attacked other people’s families, I’m sure he’ll come around to being a nice guy. /s

  24. Your idea that not viciously attacking = praising and that the point of you not being an evil monster is a doomed attempt to suck up to evil people makes clear you are a nonsensical troll, and obviously a conservative yourself.

  25. Politics is about power and the exercise of that power. Nothing more, nothing less. Politics is not concerned with the public good, though that’s be nice if that were the case. While it is true that little is beyond the exercise of power and hence politics, that something can be affected by the exercise of power does not in of itself make it political.

  26. I love when someone says "I don't judge people for their politics" or "I don't stop being friends with people just because they have different beliefs" because it's an immediate tell that they're a moron.

  27. And those "gotta keep smiling or I'll crack" smiles. Jesus, you ain't kidding.

  28. And this is why freedom of speech is so important, dammit! Creative expression so weird your eyes bug a little!

  29. Or got that other guy's taxes lowered in that bracket I dream I might be in someday, even though mine right now got raised!

  30. You're describing a situation where you break up with her and she says no, demanding contact even after you cut her off.

  31. I foresee a dramatic expansion of followers in the United States.

  32. Him flipping out and taking a wrecking ball to his own life is nothing you did wrong.

  33. Oh, how shocking that you're a pro-COVID antivaxxer as well.

  34. I'm not sure god even cares about all these thankful hungry people.

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