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  1. try a mallet. or put a towel over it and smack it with something heavy . also lose the steel string guitar dude.

  2. That’s a steel string guitar, not a classical guitar

  3. Oh, my apologies for posting on the wrong subreddit. But thank you, I'll try that.

  4. That makes sense. If you are currently in therapy discussing this and seeing if inviting them to a session or two may help. Best wishes for you.

  5. Sorry. I see your flare is venting and you were not looking for advice. My bad for overstepping.

  6. Don't apologize. U didn't over step at all. Yeah I wasn't outwardly looking for advice, but I don't mind receiving it either. Thank you for the advice.

  7. Apologies if it seems like I'm taking this annoyance out on you because I keep seeing people say this, but BAKUGO'S NOT DEAD, he's dying. There's a difference. We were IMMEDIATELY shown Best Jeanist and Edgeshot trying to keep him alive and they've been continuously working to keep him from dying. We weren't faked out, people are just looking for excuses to be mad.

  8. I get that, and I could see how ppl would be frustrated if they read the manga and then seeing so many of these questions over and over. I probably should’ve read a little more before asking this, I didn’t think about other peoples frustration. The fact that he’s dying does make me a little itchy, but it’s an shonen so I don’t expect any less.

  9. I cannot wrap my head around skipping about 100 chapters, a season or two’s worth of content, to see a spoiler… then being upset about it. A single chapter, devoid of context or resolution, will always be jarring.

  10. I didn’t ask this to be judged, I asked a question and got an answer. This reply didn’t help, so I don’t see why you even bothered saying it.

  11. I have a true paranoid fear that my husband is secretly in love with, and married to, someone else. They laugh about me now and plan on killing me. What makes it impossible is I always know where he is and am close to everyone in his life. He wouldn’t even waste his time trying to keep two of us happy. I am just that insecure.

  12. Isn't that imposter syndrome? Or atleast something close to it. I've heard about this fear before, though. And it sounds terrifying.

  13. This is honestly the first time I’ve said it outloud. I haven’t checked to see if it’s even experienced by others. Yep I’m shocked when it’s on my mind and I’m shocked when I think I have these thoughts.

  14. I mean, it sounds like it. That's crazy how the human brain thinks, and causes anxiety on itself. That must be so draining, dealing with those thoughts all the time.

  15. "temporary problem" my ass. Having chronic depression isn't temporary. We just have to learn to live our lives and use our shitty coping skills to get by.

  16. At my school, you can still march with them. They just give u a strap.

  17. I'm so sorry! You are a great sister. I know that you won't hear this unless you are ready to, but you did a great job shielding your sister and it wasn't even your job to do it. You did it because you are a loving person who deserved/deserves to have people do the same for you.

  18. Thank you so so much. I'll definitely look into it. He just put me an a new muscle relaxer that I doubt will work, and he wants me to start cognitive behavioral therapy :/ but thank you so much for your help. It truly means a lot to me <3

  19. Fr and I be going to the bathroom and everything to check 💀

  20. I play setter and my best friend is a libero but Liberos are always short and angry and can hit well at the net but it sucks that you don’t play if you ever have the time you totally should!

  21. That's so cool. I really want to! Between work, band, and school I literally have no time at all :( but I definitely would if I got the chance.

  22. You totally should best experience of my life so far

  23. Honestly, as soon as the swelling went down and I could eat normally, I changed it to a bendy bar I got off Amazon, it's rlly cheap and literally came in a pack of 40, but it works perfectly fine and my piercing is fine now. The titain bar u have in right now chipped and cracked my teeth, so that's why I changed mine so early. Though I did wait a month I think.

  24. The 2nd picture reminds me sooo much of the art style from Nevertheless on Webtoon!! I would definitely read that comic since ur styles are so similar!!!

  25. Omg for the lip u should get the spikes instead of the balls. They would look like little vampire fangs 😭😭

  26. Fair enough! If nothing works u can never go wrong with titanium :-D

  27. I rlly wish it was a romance tbh, but I do think the name was supposed to be a joke of some kind

  28. Same. Like the drama is great nd I love it but it’s like being cock blocked cuz I’m just waiting for a kiss 😭

  29. Uhhh holy shit no. This was 8 hours ago and I'm worried asf 💀

  30. Is there any supportive family members you’d feel comfortable staying with? Or your gf?

  31. You're perfect the way you are, and your girlfriend is perfect the way she is. I will pray for your parents that the hate and fear stop poisoning their hearts to make their "love" so toxic. Amen.

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