1. Ironically, it's probably a more canon depiction of the Empire that what we got in Oblivion.

  2. Oblivion Cyrodiil seems more like a big medieval empire than Rome.

  3. Balerion was the largest dragon in the history of the seven kingdoms. Have you seen HotD? Vhagar there is absolutely massive, but Balerion was bigger.

  4. Vhagar in the show was the same size as Balerion during the conquest, Blerion just had extra 100 years of growth after the conquest.

  5. Theoretically, most likley but seing how Rhaenys got skiped over, it might mean that an Uncle has a stronger claim than a Nephew, but if Rhaenyra died there would have most likley been a great council there is no way to do it any other way.

  6. Aegon is probably always surrounded by the Kingsguard and his close friend ser Criston same with Alicent, while Aemond could probably kill Blood and Cheese without any problem especially if he had a sword or a dagger. So they could only indimidate by attacking the weakest person in the castle, queen Helaena and her kids.

  7. Gandalf carries all rounds, Sakura also has an insane ammount of strenght (she gets hated because she gets compared to Sasuke and Naruto).

  8. I specifically choose Sakura because I see her as an objectively better option than MCU Hulk in every conceivable regard. I even feel age would stomp MCU Hulk, against her he's a quite breakable statue.

  9. Gandalf actually has insane levels of strenght, the movies don't show this properly he's basically a Maiar, one step away from being a full on diety. He basically hit a Balrog so hard it broke a massive part of the mountain side, i see no MCU villain surviving this hit, and Balrogs are also Maiar so he was no push over.

  10. Except no they're not, because nobody has proven that anybody is a bastard. And now they never could because the greens had their potential father burned alive. The secret dies with him. Whoops!

  11. You guys act like your some peasants in Kings Landing and watching this unfold from their prespective. Like bro they are bastards and nobody can deny that, Joffrey is also an unproven bastard (Joffrey has less chances of being a bastard to the people of Westeros than Jace) Joffrey has blonde hair like his mother, and Lannisters never fail to be blonde same as Baratheons never fail to be dark of hair, and Joffrey has light blue/green eyes same as the Baratheons.

  12. But sometimes Targaryens do fail to be silver hair. Rhaenys, for example. And Baelor Breakspear. So it stands to reason that maybe Rhaenys' grandbabies have have similar hair to her.

  13. Not when both parents have silver hair, something like this has really never occured.

  14. I could see how they leave her out because she is a “usurper” of Aegon in theory, if they were Greens, but then shouldn’t a king such as Maegor not be on the list?

  15. Maegor ruled for 6 years, quite impossible to wipe all of that out especially since he ruled during a turbulent time.

  16. Joffrey was too much of a pussy to have a dragon.

  17. Or he'd get himself a hatchling, and Joffrey really is mostly a coward because of Cersei and her influence, i doubt he would be listening to her if he had his own Syrax, Vermax or Sunfyre. Joffrey really seems as a person who'd ride a dragon, agressive, proud and cruel. He'd need something to feel supperior and a dragon would be that thing.

  18. There’s a reason they stopped being able to hatch dragons until jaehaerys and Shaera + aerys and Rhaella went super incest for two generations straight.

  19. Nah man, they were unable to hatch them because they lost the knowaldge (and magic was very very weak), Jaehaerys and Shaera + Aerys and Rhaella only achived keeping the DNA of Aegon V in place. Daenerys was first since the dance to figure out you needed magic and kings blood to hatch a dragon.

  20. So what was Summerhall? Was it a specific magic needed?

  21. Probably we don't know yet, but Aegon V seems to have figured out you need some kind of magic to hatch a dragon, brining mages from the far east to help.

  22. Posting this meme but you don't even know who the character is?

  23. Why wasn't Aegon married to secure an alliance and give him a home if he had to leave Kings Landing? Like Jason Lannister had avalable daughters same with lord Baratheon.

  24. There is a theory Addam will turn out to be Aegon's bastard on driftmark as we see him interacting with females of the island.

  25. Only if Crimea has a referundum as well, i don't think they'd want to stay in a pariah country, and i think the international community should focus on ending this war fairly (mostly for Ukraine but Russian civilians in the occupied areas should also be took into consideration), they're just not doing enough for now.

  26. Well we will never know for sure how Daemon and his sons would have done as Kings of Westeros. Maybe they would have been better. Perhaps not.

  27. I support the Targeryen dynasty as they had better people like Baelor, Maekar and Daeron II was one of the best Targeryen kings in history, and was able to unite with Dorne.

  28. Stannis is 25% Targ (along with several other sources of valyrian blood) while Quention is less than 5% with his great great great grandmother being a Targ with Lyseni blood. Stannis has the same ammount of Valyrian blood in him as Jace and Luke have, and they're able to easily ride dragons so i don't see why Stannis couldn't.

  29. Entire targshit line after viserys are bastards. Blackfyre rebellions are inconsequential because it is one line of targshit bastards fighting another line of bastards. Westeros will not have a legit king until Robert lmao

  30. Faegon and Dany can restore the honor of the dynasty if they take the throne by conquest like Robert had.

  31. Dragons are not property. Any Targaryen can claim whatever dragon they want if they have the balls to do so. You do not have a right to a specific dragon just because your parent did. Laena sure as hell didn’t. Rhaenys rides Visery’s dad dragon, is she a thief? Caraxys used to be Rhaenys’ mom’s dragon, I guess Daemon’s a thief too. Dragons choose their riders and Vhagar chose Aemond.

  32. Caraxes used to belong to the dad of Rhaenys, Aemon. While Meleys belonged to the mother of Viserys and Daemon, Alyssa. And Vhagar doesn't belong to anyone anyways and even if it did Aemond and Rhaena both have the same right to the dragon as they're both the grandkids of Baelon father to Viserys and Daemon.

  33. Hmmm i wonder who escalted the fight from a childish argument to a real fight... it surely weren't the blacks...

  34. And she called out the bastard and the bull Rhaenyra is puting them trough, such a shame Corlys can't wake up yet. Such a shame such a brave woman died for Maegor with teats.

  35. Rhaenyra should consider herself lucky Alicent isn't Cersei, Cersei would have killed all her bastards and her the moment she heard Joffrey lost an eye to a bastard, Cersei is like a lioness when it comes to protecting her kids and exacting revange. She would have probably just had Larys arrange a ''mysterious outbreak'' or a fire in Dragonstone, wich he himself offered Alicent but she refused (wich is good btw, not a fan of this offer, in any way or form).

  36. He was saying she should have claimed Vhagar first as if their mother’s funeral wasn’t that very day. Sorry but if I’m 8 and just lost my mom, and I’m surrounded by what should be a caring and supportive family, I wouldn’t be getting up at midnight thinking “gee, I better go claim my dead mother’s dragon before someone takes her! Can’t rest for a second!”

  37. There are 5 free dragons on Dragonstone, even powerful ones like Vermithor and Silverwing, she can really just cope. As Dany said, a dragon is no slave.

  38. How is Elia 100% Rhoynar when the Targaryens married into their family with Daeron the good’s sister?

  39. Very insignificant, Daenerys is like her great great great grandmother.

  40. This post has been removed because we are limiting HotD threads to the post-episode breakdown. Feel free to discuss there, thanks.

  41. This has nothing to do with the HotD episode just lore from it but alright.

  42. It was a Valyrian wedding ceremony same as Aegons. If that makes Aegon III illegitimate it makes all Targaryens going back to Aenys himself illegitimate

  43. Yeah sure something that has not been done since the days of Maegor and you also have to consider Rhaenyra is a female, that is also probably not Valyrian tradition.

  44. I think 1 or 4 is most likely but personally I don't think Laenor is coming back at all. He obviously cannot take Seasmoke with him so it's possible he feels abandoned and moves on or just doesn't care. I feel like we still don't know a lot about Dragon/Rider connections in a definitive way

  45. Maybe have Rooks Rest be Seasmoke and Meleys vs Sunfyre and Vhagar and have Laenor die from burns later while Seasmoke runs away to its lair on driftmark, could also explain why Rhaenys was so agressive to protect her son.

  46. Alicent really wanted the eye of a child. It’s crazy what power does to someone. Can’t believe this is the same Alicent from episode 1

  47. She wants punishment for atempted murder, if these boys learn they can kill anyone the want and never be punished Alicents kids are in danger.

  48. It was the fate Laenor deserved, but it does feel very unlike Game of Thrones

  49. Yeah at the cost of Aegon and Viserys being bastards, and every Targeryen after them. Turns our house Corbray and Hightower have better claims than both the Blackfyres and the Targeryen dynasty as they married Rhaena and Baela.

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