1. So this is how you guys change the color of your grip modules!!

  2. I would just go buy an enigma express. They hold there value fairly well on the used market and I think phlster has a 30 day return policy. You could legitimately carry a g19 with a spare mag in a pair of swim trunks with no shirt and still conceal really well.

  3. replace the jello with some sort of protein and you will stay fuller for longer, may even be worth kicking it up to 300cal

  4. Looks absolutely delish and thats a lot of watermelon!! i always forget how low in cals it is

  5. Unpopular opinion, but it appears these may be sugar free syrups similar to mio or other "water enhancers".

  6. oh my golly that looks wonderful. i need more flaky salt πŸ™

  7. Are you seasoning in the bag or before the sear?

  8. This is legitimately one of the best looking steak pics I’ve ever seen

  9. The design of your water bottle is my spirit animalπŸ‘πŸ’€

  10. How did you make the cottage cheese "nacho"? I want to try that!

  11. Did you buy the carrot chips already cut like that?

  12. We use the crinkle cutter on our mandolin to make large batches of veggies chips but I've seen carrot chips for sale at major grocery stores.

  13. Of all the subs, you'd think this one would understand that this isn't raw. . .

  14. Mf wtf is this ig meal

  15. The meat looks great. Should have left it on the cutting board for pic. Paper plates really take away from the finished product.

  16. It's absolutely nuts what charcoal and cast iron can do together.

  17. Is el yucateco the best sauce ever? No. Does it belong in every heat lovers house? Absolutely

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