1. Yeah, that’s what I thought!! Did you have any experiencie with Noob?

  2. I thought the edges of the crystal are different? Or is that just on the GMT?

  3. Why do some like android and some like apple? Why do some people pay for convenience and some willing to do more work to save a few $. Everyone can make their choice

  4. Man you get 2 different devices with apple or android, here you get the same watch😂

  5. You haven't been on reptime long if you aren't familiar with the way they do things. They don't allow you to post sellers they don't consider "trusted", everything gets removed that even remotely mentions something outside of buying from the dealers they want you to.

  6. Still overpriced. A SW200 movement rep should be more than 2600 yuan regardless of any rep. In addition, you won't know if the SW movement is genuine or not. Tag is not very popular in China. It should be priced at 2300 yuan, just like the Autavia with SW200-1 movement.

  7. Biguan can get them. They are expensive, but they use a gen movement, so that's what you are paying for. Should last a while and can be repaired alot easier then a rep movement.

  8. The next step is to ask Biguan if she’s able to change cristal for a deep one. I can see on the video she has the tools to do it! Hahaha

  9. 4 days in Europe… unbelievable. I waited 24 days with a TD!

  10. I think a thread like this is needed. I actually was thinking about making one this morning haha

  11. It would be a great idea. To make a thread where we have listed non-TD. Feel free to drop me a message!

  12. There are more non TD than TD in china ... I am in repgame since years ... And i learned TDs are something like drug cartels ... They are only Little Middleman that use to "scam" people , charging 250/300 USD more than real market value... There are so many trusted guys out there ... Just like David and Biguan... you could buy from... that offer same watches and same services (maybe Better and faster) at almost half price ...

  13. This is what I mentioned on my previous answer, using UpWork could be a solution.

  14. Some users just mentioned they paid after to be verified on upwork

  15. Their groups on Facebook have a lot of good info. Check out the Desire Lobby Bar group.

  16. Good to know Tommy Boy. I think BTF is the way for Daytona, they don’t build the variety of watches that CF does, so I think they have more incentive to really nail it and keep improving what they are working with.

  17. The the blue-ish you mentioned Tommy is on the dial? I though it was solved changing it with deep cristal. Would you recommend Btf over clean for Panda? Thanks both!

  18. Props Tommy, very well documented and trying always to help the rest of community.

  19. Yep. 9 days after payment, 8 days after QC and 7 days after shipping

  20. I tried to find him on wechat and he doesn’t appear…

  21. Really good news, maybe Biguan could be a game changer?

  22. It could be… I asked her for a Hulk and the price was about 2350¥

  23. Supporting you, both are great and always helping the others!👍🏻🎉

  24. I am 99% sure she does. But the news of the day is VSF is releasing GMTs with DD3285 movement. Pepsi and Batgirl for now, but l am sure Sprite will come.

  25. Is VSF finally realeasing them with DD3285? I heard Ctime saying they could not relase it with that movement!

  26. Completely normal, I had this status for 2 weeks!😅. Calm down, you’ll get it!

  27. It's hard to beat for a fraction of the cost.

  28. Xing, can you tell us something about VSF launching GMT? Thanks and great job man!

  29. Why don’t you make a Revolut account? It’s maube the easiest way.. good luck!

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