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  1. 343, i literally got god on my side I'm set.

  2. Put on your best running shoes and book it to the gargoyles

  3. nah man I' don't think 0.1 percent hp is faking it.

  4. My goto weapon is the Black Knight Halberd. Its way faster than the great swords, which I preffer in DS1

  5. bro i have the black knight halbred at +5 and it is wayyy too op i can do 1k damage in 3 hits

  6. yeah i fucked up and hit him and how he angy at me

  7. As long as you haven't killed him, you can reset his hostile status by talking to black clothes dude (Velka?) Right after ringing first bell.

  8. I'm really bad at explaining, but there are plenty tutorials that show you how to dupe souls. It also depends on the version your playing, cause the Remastered and the PTDE have different ways to dupe souls.

  9. was it like the roll and consume a boss soul and trick the game into thinking you used a healing flask?

  10. Yes thats one of the ways to dupe souls in the PTDE.

  11. so i attack then press the button to use souls? the glitch i saw makes me think i need boss souls

  12. This is what you get for following such a meme-build guide on your first playthrough.

  13. I guess, got some good damage on that weapon tho, so? no way to get out?

  14. Depending on how you got down, it could either be a cake walk back up or pure pain. Did you follow the normal route and turn all the bridges? If not you have to find a convoluted route through a semi hidden part

  15. yeah man i saw a video on how to get from catacombs to firelink shrine didn't even know there was a ladder to get out, thought i had to find another way.

  16. The craziest part is if you restarted right now you could probably get back to where you are in an hour.

  17. yeah man i just started playing dark souls some weeks ago got to like the dragon on bridge area and was stuck at that church area with the heavy knight he beat me up bad so i started again yesterday made a new character got to heavy knight burned his body to a crisp went up to the mage guy who had tons of hollow mfs said hell no then i never prepared for the boss fight ahead with the gargoyles and beat them 3rd try all in 4 hours of play time while i was stuck with heavy knight at 6 hours previously

  18. Sorry for dumping it all on you but as a Late Game Player I wish someone had told me this at the start. Once you want to upgrade your Lodgings have a look on The Bazaar bear the bottom under Penstock's Land Agency: not a single one costs Echoes but all have their uses.

  19. Thanks for such a great intro and guide to the game! is there any way I can add you in the game? (I know there is a option near the lodgings in travel to interact with other players but I don't know how to add someone as a friend) also I discovered the game from a YouTube comment talking about how this game is somewhat of a 2nd person perspective game the YouTube video is "This is what a "second-Person Video Game Would Look Like" from Nick Robinson

  20. Yes indeed! Go to your Map and look to the bottom right and find the Calendar icon for your Social Engagements. Select "send a Calling Card" and pop one off to "Opus Fluke".

  21. It seems I accidentally send you a postcard instead of a calling card ( I didn't know how to sent it but now I know thanks to the wiki) will that work?

  22. man opening a briefcase infront of a building and buying it is wayyyy cooler

  23. How to mod it manually ? Subscribing does not work 8(

  24. download the mod and go to c:/users/{yourname}/zomboid/mods and put the mod folder there

  25. ☠️ (someone said 💀 is no longer funny)

  26. Yeah im gonna have to ask you to remove "Prof." from your name

  27. i think they are trying to kick the dude out the elevator because hes black and they said black lives matter? drug addict shit.

  28. Not Kinder Joys, we have those. We banned Kinder Surprises, since dumbass kids would eat them whole and choke on the toy.

  29. arent kinder joys and suprise the same thing?

  30. Depends on what you define as the same thing. Joys have the chocolate and toy in separate halves of the egg, while surprises have the toy in the chocolate egg.

  31. the creation of suprise was def a dummy dumb moment.

  32. Google it, simple. Delete this NOW and FUCK OFF

  33. I'm a 55 year old conservator who's always hated rap. Tom, though, I adore. His anti-woke, slap-in-the-face-reality lyrics really won me over, to the point that, despite still not liking rap, I still watch all his vids, even when they're apolitical like this one. Having said that, I'll never look at fruit the same way again...

  34. Mine would be being able to walk in/out of properties etc without the loading

  35. if a modder can make that work in like a 30mb script why cant you rockstar?

  36. the kid and the parent are dumbasses how could you let your kid be so entitled

  37. diago never fooling anyone with those glasses and mask

  38. i liked all the yakuza games but its kinda a love hate with yakuza 5 i love it because of the kiryu vs 100 fight and hate it because of KEEP TALKING ABOUT DREAMS!!! DAMN.

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