1. I just got back on today and the Wonder Woman hit boxes definitely feel a little better

  2. Yeah, maybe they have shitty servers, that's the difference, doesn't mean this is how it should be. There is no reason at all for the servers to be down when an update releases. No. Reason.

  3. Sure this is the right answer in a Multiversus subreddit, you would get all the downvotes in the Apex subreddit. Both games are great. You don't have to shit on one just because it isn't for you.

  4. Tom and Jerry are hard to play (but fantastic and the best designed/animated character in almost any platform fighter imo)

  5. As a Smash player… I never learned how to properly use my shield 😂😂😂 Wonder Woman is cool tho I can’t edgeguard w her tho…

  6. I actually don’t know every lyric to every single song. I don’t mind.

  7. No matter how it turns out, many people will shit on it as if it were an abomination, especially after the split between "pro-NFT" and "anti-NFT" listeners. Expect lots of "it wasn't worth six years of wait" comments when it drops.

  8. Is this a new amp? I haven’t heard anything about it. I know he had that signature amp with schecter several years ago, and that didn’t sell well

  9. Follow up question : what is an iLevel? I just started playing after like 12 years 😅 which is to say I just started REALLY playing since I’m 24 now

  10. Man I used to see them in like 2006 when they were a local band. I love their first post-hardcore album The Flamingo Trigger best. It’s like Cursive on acid. Their second album Introducing is also fantastic. I never liked what came after that it always felt like Queen worship to me. But they are probably hands down the best live band I’ve ever seen.

  11. I do love those albums too though. I just think at the time the third and fourth projects were more in my range. Since that point I’ve definitely leaned towards the scene they were onto through the first two. If you’re into stuff like that but a bit less of the upbeat jazz influences you should give Pinkly Smooth a listen.

  12. This man surfed the crowd on his keyboard. This was my first real life show and it ruined almost every experience Afterwards by comparison 😂😂😂

  13. Born to fail is WAY to underrated. Best song on an otherwise mediocre album

  14. Dude that album is the fucking shit what are you on

  15. God, we are all guitar Dads and Moms now…

  16. I discovered Volta right when they stopped and I’m already significantly older lol

  17. See you there! I really hope his voice has recovered after the break.

  18. If your still stuck at around 6pm uk time I'll pop on and give you a hand, pm me xbox add

  19. Got it. Teamed up with a rando and we teabagged the shit out of her after the fact. Emboldened by the flame of ambition.

  20. Make use of your spirit summon. During her second phase keep hacking her so she doesn’t get off her spells. If she does just dodge roll. Avoid the kamehameha beam by rolling to the side. FYI I read spells are useless against her so do melee.

  21. We’ve been calling that beam the same thing all night 😂 thanks pal. Feel free to add me 🤷🏻‍♂️

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