1. It is not Kim’s job to parent her husband and keep his behavior in line, stfu Kris and do more for your daughter.

  2. The fuck would an EX GIRLFRIEND be a priority to their kids for? She is not a step parent.

  3. She probably did all the coordinating with Mack since Josh doesn’t parent his own kids.

  4. Yes i watched 16 and pregnant a few years ago and a few episodes here and there of TM but never keep up ! I knew the big lines like who married who, who divorced and I followed some jenelle drama but I didn’t know Leah was in active addiction as well!!

  5. To your credit, OP, IIRC, her addiction was never explicitly addressed on the show until much much later. Your impression completely makes sense not having that information.

  6. Leah was not the victim, Corey's kids were and they needed to be prioritised by him, not his cheating ex.

  7. Totally get Corey + Miranda’s concern and frustration but IMO they did not handle the situation appropriately, no fault of their own, it did seem like they were doing their best.

  8. Wait…so the homeowners pay for the renovations? Am I reading that right?

  9. Yes. That goes for a lot of home reno shows. They do get paid for being on the show though, a lot of the furniture and fixtures come from the sponsors (Wayfair, Home Depot, etc.), and they might get other promotional "gifts" or coupons.

  10. Wow, interesting! I don’t typically watch home reno shows so thanks for the info!

  11. Could it be possible the head has become more of a tradition for Stormi? I feel like Kylie has done it every year?

  12. I could be wrong and I truly hope this doesn’t come across as a defense of Kylie’s choice here…while she wasn’t responsible, her actions after the tragedy were unforgivable IMO

  13. I think more people should talk about this. Did Travis ever say anything or apologize?

  14. He made a half-assed attempt at an apology in an IG story. He doesn’t care.

  15. I think Leah looks good but her face will always ruin it for me. Just my opinion and preference

  16. Just heard about the tweet but also has never in her life understood why this man said these things about her family 🫠

  17. It’s a whole 23 years into the Millennium and we’re still telling women to smile?

  18. Lick my motherfucking clit… lick this clit then leave son

  19. He also has a slight blaccent

  20. I don’t like Mack at all, but I get this. My now ex husband fell back into addiction and became the biggest cheater and liar, violent, unpredictable. He accused me of sleeping with his cousin and I denied it vehemently for months but I couldn’t “convince” him it wasn’t true. Only to find out he was cheating on me with quite a few people, but also was cheating on me with his cousins girlfriend, the very cousin he accused me of sleeping with. The accusations were a cover. Everyone thought I was guilty but eventually, I simply didn’t care anymore. I didn’t cheat and whoever believed I did must not know me as well as I thought they did. Cut my losses and I’m so much better off being healthily detached from the situation.

  21. This is exactly how I’m reading the situation so far. None of this seems like Mack actually cheated, it screams more like Ryan’s insecurities and paranoia.

  22. Or they just needed a little jumpstart to have anyone be talking about RyAck because he’s going to make an appearance soon.

  23. I know we put a lot of speculation on their plastic surgery, but God. if I looked at a picture of myself and my sister 30+ years ago, we would look nothing like ourselves today. And we don't have the privilege of tweeks. I know they have all done a lot, but I don't think I look like myself when I was that age. My kids probably look like I did, but I don't.

  24. I think we forget that when we’re doing these comparisons of ‘what would they look like without plastic surgery’ we’re also forgetting that we’ve been watching them for decades now.

  25. I also feel this way about the body comparisons. Like we compare their bodies now to the way they looked 20 years ago and are like “she looked so much better before the plastic surgery!!” Like… I mean, you gotta remember she was also 22 lol

  26. Right so Mack did something with her friends or for herself without his permission and Rhine flipped shit, exactly what we thought

  27. Why do people film these in the car instead of at home? I see it a lot.

  28. I do my therapy sessions in the car because it’s the only place I have uninterrupted privacy 🤷🏻‍♀️

  29. She didn’t need to justify anything her trashy sister said. In fact, she needs to put up a boundary and probably go no contact with her family. It’s the only way she’s going to get out of this perpetual loop/cycle of family toxic trauma.

  30. Definitely hope these conversations are happening off of social media

  31. It always amazes me how tate is like „you are worth NOTHING you arent even a REAL MAN bc you are WEAK when you respect WHŒRS!!!! But i can show you how you can become a real TOP G for only 50bucks a month in my 📚UNIVERSITY🏫!!!!“ and men are like „yes daddy show me 🥵🥵“ then ruin their entire relationship with people that actually loved them for who they were.

  32. It’s like their homophobia is the only thing that’s keeping them from fucking each other

  33. Hell, forget what actually happened when she followed the guy home — the officer who pulled her over saw her gun in the car and asked her to step out, leaving her child alone with the gun.

  34. Nah sex can be whatever the person having sex wants it to be, as long as everyone consents.

  35. Recently we have been going extra hard for the deadbeat dads. Super common to drag the moms for the dad’s shortcomings and it’s really gross.

  36. Oh stfu Ryan, you’re the doggiest of all of them. Always the most fragile men who turn on their wives like this. Dude’s been cheating their whole relationship but his ego can’t take her not being home at a certain time 🥲

  37. How is he groping her? His hand looks like it’s very light on her what lol

  38. Idk I think the response is kinda classy. I didn’t see part one but as far as influencers addressing a bad launch this is one of the calmer and better attitude ones that I’ve seen

  39. Imagine any of the KJs making a response as classy as this one, it seems unfathomable

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