1. That's the fresh press right how did you get it to that consistency? It looks great mine was more dry after I cured it badder tech helped out a bit still didn't look as good as yours.

  2. Honestly nothing besides leaving it out a hr n half to two hours everytime I take it out the fridge to dab then I leave it till the next day each time I get it back out it looks better and better .Alot easier to work with haven’t tried to badder tech it nun but might tomorrow to see what happens lol . I’m afraid of drying it also but hey as long as it still smokes 😂

  3. Alright thanks bud I probably just left it out to long it buttered up in a couple hours. Ill keep a closer eye on it next time, I have 2 jars in the fridge I havnt touched yet would love to get them to the consistency you have.

  4. I'm glad you liked yours I ordered the same one off amazon, mine sucked it didn't seal right on the bottom. I can cover the atomizer with my thumb and I'm still able to pull air, I'm back to using the stock glass. It sucks yours broke atleast you got use out of it mines back in the box it came in.

  5. You need to get a 5g phone, I made the switch like a year ago. I used to play on 4g, I could play but it wasn't very stable ping was always fluctuating from 100 up. I play tethering my 5g phone now, ping is always 50 to 80 it works really well.

  6. I've been thinking about that yet I never get over 50 ping with my 4g connection and it does not fluctuate much.

  7. That's awesome, 5g was a game changer for me yours seems alot more stable though.

  8. Looks short too, I always arrange my bag they just throw the shit in there.

  9. Maybe try setting your region if you havnt already. Once you click casual or competitive it's at the top.

  10. Once I stopped trying so hard I ranked up to diamond. If you just have alittle patience all the other plats will outplay themselves. Patience will also help you develop good defense which is where most players are lacking until the higher ranks.

  11. If your accelerating you want the ball more towards the front of your car so your pushing it.

  12. Something that might help is going on discord and finding people to play 3s with. 3s solo queue is tough, in 2s I can carry one person I can't carry 2. Finding people to play with on discord has made my 3s experience alot more enjoyable.

  13. I can let you know later on once I get off work.

  14. Maybe they are remote controlled, and your really just a egg with a controller.

  15. Hell ya thats awesome congrats, hopefully I'll join you next season.

  16. If you still have power slide and air roll on square/ w.e it is for a xbox controller, move it to l1. You really don't need arl or arr I have arl on r1 but I only use it for half flips.

  17. You gotta download rl bot. And I wouldn't think it would be too difficult for you, your higher ranked than me.

  18. I thinks it's fine to play these bots as a warmup and a skill test, but be careful about over doing it. When you queue up against humans, you are playing against many styles that you have to learn to play against.

  19. I Never ment this to be a solo approach at getting better. I'm like Plat 2 in 1s I'm playing a champ? Bot necto. It would definitely help me improve alot defense, when to challenged, playing faster, how to be more conservative and calm which was my main point. I see your point though just cause it's a champ level bot doesn't mean I'm champ in 1v1. You definitely need to be well rounded, but these bots do have a place in training.

  20. Congrats on making it to platinum. Biggest thing that got me through platinum was not being a try hard. Let your opponents make the mistakes then you can clean up afterwards. You can push when your first man after your play rotate back as quickly as possible, as second man you need to be patient and by time for your teammate to get back. There's really no defense in platinum not much anyways so you will definitely set your self apart from the rest if you can keep your opponents from scoring. Lots of goals are made from a counter attack when the opposing team pushed to hard trying to score. Just be patient and hit the ball with intent and you'll be fine. You should check out lethamyr's road to ssl 1v1 and 2v2 so much useful information, also flakes road to ssl without mechanics.

  21. Get on discord and find some people to play with. The games been alot more enjoyable for me since I started finding my own teammates.

  22. We can run some casual 2s if ya want, also could do some private 1v1. I'm not much higher rank than you diamond 2 at the moment, I've been working on developing my game sense. I shot out of platinum when I stoped trying so hard, no double committing and you don't have to touch every ball you can. Dm me your epic if you wanna play.

  23. True in 3s, not in 2s. I agree you shouldn’t shoot if you can’t score but don’t always pass, it’s much riskier than keeping control and playing a 50 or looking for another opportunity.

  24. There is definitely situations where you should take a shot even if it's gonna get saved. Awkward saves lead to goals, I guess rank could affect this strategy.

  25. Did better than me with my burnt sienna rippled.

  26. Pretty sure it's call shadow defense "why you suck at rocket league"

  27. I personally like lethamyr's 1v1 and 2v2 road to ssl, you can also check out flakes road to ssl. They'll teach you to take possession and slow the play down. I learned alot watching these, gonna watch them for a second time soon.

  28. I would check out lethamyr's road to ssl 1v1 and 2v2, he provides tons of useful information. Really you just need to play the game your judgment and timing will get better. When you find individual things your struggling with for instance wall play or aerials there are training packs for those mechanics. I'm not good at the game by any means I've definitely learned alot since I've started applying myself dm me your epic we can run some casual matches.

  29. Can you further explain these 'packs' and where to find them/how to use them. I've seen a few mentions about them.

  30. Theres a training section right under casual. The game comes with a few training packs. Really though you want to click custom and get some that the community has made. Just browse through them there all useful in there own ways.

  31. It doesn't get much better in diamond. Yesterday I was in a diamond 2 2v2 game my teammate was afk, I scored 2 goals on my own than my teammate starts playing for the other team. I guess he was trying to down rank, some people are just the worst.

  32. I did one yesterday and got a mainframe best trade in I've ever gotten. Shouldn't have tried my luck again though I got a voxel on my second attempt.

  33. Add me bud we can run some games, also definitely check out the rocket league old farts discord I've had nothing but good experiences there. My epic is the same as my name here on reddit.

  34. Awesome story bud im glad your still enjoying the game. There's a discord for guys like us it's called rocket league old farts, I've encountered zero toxicity finding people to play with there. If you'd like to run some games let me know my peak right now has been diamond 2 I'm always looking for more people to play with. Have a great day keep grinding diamonds not much different from Plat.

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