1. The color is nice but it looks so…unfinished without any sort of wing or spoiler on the back

  2. Probably still waiting on the part to come in 😂

  3. “City of Good Neighbors *only when your car is stuck in the snow”

  4. So there's history there but his brother has a collection of prowlers. He made a 4door prowler (in black) and he's also done a hemi swap in one. I'll see if I can dig up the pictures!

  5. Hemi swap would make a prowler legit. I just drove a 21 Challenger R/T for the week and it purred

  6. Oh yeah, my 'tache was also filled with ice. What a glorious day to be at a Bills game. Made sitting through that first Patriots game last year worth it.

  7. I also did the two Pats games for my return to Buffalo (moved back in Oct) and holy moly did I pick two amazing games.

  8. Yeah my teammate last night was almost only trying decent air dribble from wall shots last night. He was pretty decent at them so I was always ready to challenge the other teams saves, we went on like a 7 win streak

  9. You are better off opening a new bank account and depositing your closing into that. Just moved back to the area myself and that’s the route we had to go (closest Suntrust was Scranton as well funny enough)

  10. Valid criticism of his choice in the direction of his music? Grow up bro.

  11. SS: Went to pick up my rental for a work trip and I finally used the old “do you have any upgrades?” And holy shit does it work. Made the 6 hour drive more then tolerable!

  12. exactly, we've missed the playoffs 10 years in a row...

  13. What’s nuts is even with this small sample size/82 game pace, neither 91 goals or 145 assists would beat Gretzky's records.

  14. I am balling like my 4 year old when her goldfish went to the farm with grandma

  15. They can use me to lay over any potholes so he’s not interrupted during his reading on the way to the stadium.

  16. Might need the whole Mafia to help with that 😂

  17. Hahah you fools I just picked up an old Tyrod Taylor jersey on ebay for 29 bucks, and I can get a Elam nameplate for 20 for, that's gold Jerry!

  18. I bet Dave and adams have some dusty ones they’ll pull out the back and mark up

  19. Why not? Those two songs were some of their best stuff!

  20. Store in the arena, I believe there is a special running for fan appreciation day. They have a lot of old clearance jerseys as well.

  21. I should change my name to BillyChaosUpdootserrythang because I love y’all. Eichel is a Clown. He is so irrelevant that even autocorrect doesn’t even recognize him.

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