1. It is more than that. He over complicates things that go out of his traditional gameplan. Like the raiders/chargers timeout. It looks like he is trying to micromanage everything specifically while having too much on his plate.

  2. My comment aged like wine. I thought I was going to eat my words but him choking yet again.

  3. You’ll have chase Daniel and you’ll like it

  4. 0 rings but if you spent 5 minutes listening to their fans talk you’d think they’d dominated the league since time itself began

  5. Not me, i always say I support them because I like being disappointed

  6. We aren't even playing our qb in a meanifull game were so committed to resting him. 4d chess while chargers play bathtub toaster

  7. :( I feel like this is deserved for being a charger fan

  8. Damn you and your SpongeBob reference. Hahahahaha made laugh too much.

  9. Mad respect Chargers fan, good luck tonight

  10. Who gets traded first: Trey Lance or Jordan Love

  11. If we hire Dan fucking Quinn, I will have an aneurism.

  12. I don't want to play them again. They're heating up, and the Chiefs are looking very beatable.

  13. Ahhh I see you watch chargers football, last years game against the Texans was definitely chargers football 🏈

  14. week 16 texans are spooky... just ask the titans (and conveniently ignore the rest of the context surrounding both games)

  15. Yeah they are and we always lose these must win games

  16. Good for you. I bought about 30 and didnt have Such luck so had to get it another way.

  17. Same I had to buy around 20 to finally get one, I got a few Brazilian managers on the way though

  18. Cheffers legitimately has bias against the Chiefs. In my completely unneeded opinion, his reffing needs to be investigated.

  19. How do we get him to officiate the chiefs games when they play the AFC west

  20. I must have sold at least 20 of these for 200 in the last week. Damn

  21. This is like Ricky Bobby, if you ain’t first you’re last.

  22. After RIII, Lamar better take the time to get healthy.

  23. Unless it’s Craig Mager which was so obviously a terrible pick I still can’t even believe it to this day

  24. What about Sammy Davis and the 2003 draft in general, when we traded the 15th pick (1 pick before Troy Polamalu) to move down to 30 to take Davis (1 spot before Nmamdi Asomugha) and 62 (Terrence Kiel, not quite as good a safety as Polamalu)

  25. That was a little before my time, I didn’t start watching football until 2006. That has to be one of the biggest blunders in our history.

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