1. Used it to generate SEO Titles from page text. 50% impressive.

  2. The 3 I could think of: ARPU, Churn Rate, Disconnections (if established)

  3. You can start anything with 200$. A website with hosting, or even a web builder will fit within your budget. You may as well set up anything - right product for the right customers.

  4. I recently found a good resource for all product management related things. Did not use extensively yet, I have bookmarked it for later. You can PM me.

  5. They either like to study or they are crazy towards the outcome probably. Like clearing some exam is their life's target and obsession.

  6. man, those guys arent even human anymore lol. this exam is really really important, so thats why i need flow state. Unfortunately, it's not just some switch I can turn on and off.

  7. Hey, I recent made an account in gaming and got to 10k in 6 months. You do not have to really use any tools or like some game changing hashtag. Content wise - just make it in interesting format. You can see which type of posts are getting lot of engagement in your niche. Then, do these.

  8. Coding, of course. It is like learning math these days. Others come next.

  9. I got some resources which I had used & found useful. PM me, I can send it you

  10. Interesting to see this power struggle phase. If chesscom & streamers are roping in viewers, sponsors - then they are going to run the show in the future I feel.

  11. agree with you, most under-rated skill. Some people I know do not even say no to some unnecessary meetings

  12. Even I was searching for these recently which is simple & easy to use. Then I found & bookmarked these two places

  13. I have gone through this pit-hole of hiring experts. If we do not know, they will throw in some new words & scam us. They do not promise any accountability as well. Eventually I outranked some of my competitors. I did it myself & hired people only to help in execution.

  14. Happy to see one more no code builder! You can focus on just one category like blogs or anything else. Then it is easy to get the initial users.

  15. Just curious but for what reason do you want to stratify tech companies? i.e why do you need to slot them into tiers?

  16. Social value. Aren't we social animals at the end of the day, and want to be better than our peers ;)

  17. Would like to see other players who rised like this, but never made it top 10 after 18 yrs old

  18. Congratulations on getting the interviews, to get you upto speed I will recommend these

  19. I transitioned from software to PM role, have 5+ years of experience now.

  20. Did you transition within the same company or moved to a new company with a new role? How did you manage to convince the hiring manager?

  21. Dont let them away that easy; they should at least respond something

  22. Not happening any soon I think. First they got to solve like 10 piece TBs

  23. Hello folks, into product & slowly turning into a founder as well. Good job with this community, thank you for the invite :D

  24. Maybe Iā€™m not seeing something, but I think this prioritization is done on the wrong level.

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