1. Bait (and dodge) the snake grab then play keep-away from getting hit by any other attacks while you wait for the AI to indulge you.

  2. Sure but I’ve never known a motorist to be hit or killed by a stupid cyclist.

  3. Have you considered that might have something to do with why motorists fear cyclists? If the person on the bike screws up it sucks but it's fine because insurance will pay for it. If you as a motorist screw up you just killed someone or put them in the hospital.

  4. I cycle daily i cannot fathom why these signs exist.

  5. It's not all cases, but I suspect that most of the time it's not so much a courtesy as fear that the cyclist will do whatever the hell they want, or the avoidance strategy of let the cyclist do whatever the hell they want so that they leave.

  6. I used Mario + R. Peach + R. Luigi. You've probably already beaten it by now, but for me the secret was to focus Bowser Jr. because he was causing the most problems by scattering with his magnet dance, then the Sherbet Desert bosses.

  7. factcheck.org debunked this. Please delete this hate speech before I report it to the reddit admins and have you banned, fined and facing federal hate crime charges.

  8. Ah... Good to know but I feel better just following the rules most of the time. Unless they're really stupid / messed up rules.

  9. Paying fare is not a stupid or messed up rule. Even if it was I don't know what that guy's problem is telling you to risk a $175 fine for fare evasion to save a week's worth of fare ($35 maximum).

  10. This is a genuine question — I didn’t know we still made cards that didn’t tap. How old is your newest card? Does it have a chip reader?

  11. Portland State University resells its surplus office furniture. They can be difficult to get a hold of but they sell it for next to nothing.

  12. Yeah it gets old. You CHOOSE to shop at a retailer that has self checkouts. YOU made a CHOICE.

  13. I don't know why people get butthurt over self checkout. You are doing the work yourself so that you don't have to wait in line meaning that you potentially get home faster. If you want the "full customer experience" then wait in line with everyone else.

  14. Why do we treat our customers this way? Cuz fuck em that’s why!

  15. Why would you consider a card company politely asking a vendor to verify customer identity before processing to prevent unauthorized use of a credit card to be "fuck the customer, amirite?" behavior?

  16. Wait. So it works like a compass?! Always pointing north?

  17. Ah I remember that. When all of us were labeled as psychopaths and criminals for wanted to go outside and be people, meanwhile fauci and his family were at a nats game living it up. It was one of the many things early on in this “pandemic” that just didn’t sit right with me and made me question the narrative.

  18. That's not relevant to my reply, which was directly challenging the poster's assertion that taking the bus is what pod person bugmen do under the control of the global elites.

  19. Good call. I'll see what the most offensive shit I can get away with is.

  20. Fair warning: you will probably get permabanned sitewide for doing that (assuming you get moderated)

  21. I'm not trying to be flippant but is this your first day seeing an advertisement for a fast food menu item? The thing you buy never looks like the picture in the promotional material.

  22. I don’t agree with mandates but to me masks work better to lower the number of cases than vaccine. I have been using n95 masks since the beginning, I still wear it because I’m in close contact with people all the time working in retail and I’m pregnant. Last and only time that I know I got covid was when it all started, back in March 2020. After that I only got sick at the end of 2021, but it wasn’t covid.

  23. To lure thieves. The poor people were minding their own business when they were overcome by the temptation to steal.

  24. Inshallah my brother! The same temptation comes over me when I see, Allah forgive me for saying it, "women" in public revealing even a single square centimeter of their skin and not in hijab. The harlots know what they are doing so I promptly discipline them with my shoe and return them to their husbands (or the appropriate rabb of ther house) a little bruised but no worse for the wear.

  25. Important to mention that the cop in the photo was the husband of Eva Mireles who was one of the teachers who died that day. She called him (I read after she had been shot) and he silenced the phone immediately. He also said earlier in the video something like “that’s my wife’s classroom” and just stood there during the shooting of her classroom.

  26. Doesn't make it sound any better honestly. Gotta say that if I was this dude and my wife just called or texted me during a spree shooting because she got gatted I'd go hero mode and probably get shot myself.

  27. *Police officer runs in front of motorcycle

  28. We all know they paid those black men to be out in front.

  29. Quite possibly one of the most racist statements I've ever seen on a mainstream subreddit.

  30. Well I mean his lungs didn’t get blown out so it must be fake right?

  31. That's because the cop chose to carry .45ACP instead of 9mm (each m stands for "murder").

  32. And honestly it’s not a long run. Takes maybe 5 minutes from the lava bonfire that’s in the middle of the area.

  33. The run up to BoC isn't so bad. Those fatass dragons aren't remotely a threat. I hate that you have to waste a ring slot when you jog to BoC.

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